LIVE from Kevin Wilson's weekly radio show

Here's some highlights from tonight's Kevin Wilson Radio Show in Bloomington. I'll will update it throughout the show which concludes at 8 p.m. EST.

Here's some of the remarks from tonight's Kevin Wilson Radio Show:

On the quarterbacks: "They've been the same all summer. We're not trying to be coy with anyone. We could technically redshirt Cam or Nate and we asked them want they wanted to do and they all want to play. We have to decide who's going to play first. We could play one, two or three. The challenge will be how we manage it.''

"We're going to run all three quarterbacks. Last year after Tre got hurt we had to protect the other two but this year it's going to be wide open.

7:35 p.m. segment

Wilson talked a lot about some of the new fan experience things that IU fans will have at home games this year.

After an question from someone in-house about the flag pole, that created a lot of Wilson discussion, too.

IU has installed what it is calling the tallest flag pole in college football in the south endzone this year. It's 151-feet high. Wilson said the IU flag will fly after every victory of the season.

Wilson said the goal is to win the last game, a bowl game, and then fly the flag all year long. "Our goal is not to just go to a bowl game. It's to get there and then win that game and let that flag fly all year long.''

7:48 p.m. segment

Wilson is talking about Indiana State.

He said they have one player (Shakir Bell) who gained more yards on the ground against IU last year than the Hoosiers did in the game.

"I'm sure (Bell) will be featured. They also have a quarterback who transferred from Western Michigan who is really good.''

Wilson said he doesn't want to polish the effort after the first game. He wants it to be precursor of things to come.

Wilson just introduced his wife and his soon-to-be 13-year-old daughter to the crowd at the Holiday Inn.

Said they will both have birthdays on Thursday night, Game night, against Indiana State. He invited the crowd to sing them happy birthday which they did.

When he was talking about his daughter's birthday, he looked at her and said, "How old are you going to be?"

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