Chat Rewind: Aug. 29, 2013

We had a football/basketball chat Thursday, Aug. 29 at We'll do one every week. Here are some of the highlights of that chat.

Here's a chat wrap looking back at some of the interaction we had today in our weekly IU Football and Basketball chat. We went Thursday from 1-2 p.m. (ET). Hopefully this is a little more readable format than the first one I put out.

Odd thoughts: though not totally football, but t, you have been making the trip down to b-town a bit, any construction to deal with...

Terry Hutchens: First of all Dan, construction hasn't been an issue. There is an Indiana State Trooper that has been hiding around the old Waverly Inn though so keep an eye out for him.

Terry Hutchens: Who do you think will start at quarterback tonight? I still think it's Roberson but I'll probably be surprised.

Odd thoughts: Hope all that time he spent with coaches in the press box helped the mental side of the game.

IUZach11: I thought it would be Roberson as well. I think it has to be right?? If not than Sudfeld for sure. It just means Cam Coffman will run out to start the game.

Hoosier13: I'm hoping to see Roberson out there for the first series- but like you all are saying, with Wilson it's hard to expect.

Hoosier13: I think if there's truly a 3 way tie for first string it's gotta go to Roberson.

IUZach11: I remember the big qb deal with Jay Rodgers and Antwaan Randle El. Didn't take long into Game 1 to figure out it wasn't a close qb battle.

Terry Hutchens: And Zach you're absolutely right. Every time you think you've got it figured out they switch. Remember what Cam did the first game of Antwaan's senior year. He put him at wide receiver so he could get the best 11 on the field. That turned out to be a one game experiment. I'm guessing we don't see Roberson at running back though.

Hoosier13: The encouraging thing to me though is the fact that lots of last season Wilson went back and forth with Coffman and Sudfeld and it seemed to be pretty effective.

Odd thoughts: I guess it makes it tough for the other team, they have to prepare for 3 different qb's with different styles.

Terry Hutchens: Actually with Rodgers and Antwaan, it went down to a game time decision on the opener against Western Michigan and then they picked Antwaan. So Rodgers never even saw the field that year and transferred soon after.

Right! Tommy Jones and the awful NC State game back when they had Phillip Rivers.

Terry Hutchens: I wouldn't want to have to prepare for the all of IU's offensive weapons. That's why one of my 5 keys to the game is spreading the wealth. You have to get all of your weapons in the mix.

Terry Hutchens: I'll never forget that Tommy Jones/Antwaan experiment. What a night! It was a 35-14 debacle. The year before when they played at IU, IU lost but it was 41-38.

Terry Hutchens: I'm not used to Albers being this quiet. Jump in there any time big boy.

Hoosier13: He's probably hunting down the latest news on Snider.

Justin Albers>: I agree with everything being said haha. Excuse me for not adding much. Hutch is your QB expert on this one.

IUZach11: I'm excited to see Tevin Coleman. Hopefully he adds something to help Houston and Rb's.

Terry Hutchens:I like Coleman. He's really fast. Has that extra gear. We've seen it mostly on kick returns but he's a guy that could really help the running game.

Hoosier13: I'd really like to see some defensive progress tonight. Better run defense on Bell would be really encouraging.

Hoosier13: and maybe a couple of takeaways- those were some glaring weaknesses last year.

Terry Hutchens: From that standpoint Devin, that's one of the reasons I really like playing Indiana State right out of the gate. It's a true apples and apples comparison to see how far this team has come in one year. We're going to know here pretty soon.

IUZach11: In Indiana the offense has a lot of playmakers. Hopefully some develop on the defensive end. Who are the most likely?

Terry Hutchens: I like T.J. Simmons at linebacker, Antonio Allen coming out at safety, Timmy Bennett at corner, all good names.

IUZach11: It's always time for basketball in Indiana. Justin, who do you feel will make the biggest impact with the incoming players not named Noah?

Southern Michael: Hey terry this is a new name to me as I talked to you on Indy star chats. But here is a question, as I can not see any of the chat before I got on. So what kind of impact will Hanner Perea make this year.

Justin Albers: Zach, good question. Vonleh will obviously make a big impact. Other than him, I'm goint to say Luke Fischer because he will have to contribute right away.

Justin Albers: I think Fischer starts pretty early on and will develop quickly.

Terry Hutchens: I'm going to let Justin jump in on Mosquera-Perea, too, but any contribution they get will be an upgrade. I'm looking forward to see if he has any kind of basketball feel this year. That's the big thing. He needs to look comfortable out there which he clearly did not a year ago.

Justin Albers: And to jump in on Michael's question here, hard to say on Hanner. We've heard great things about his development this summer, but until we see production on the court, you won't know for sure. I think he'll be solid, but not spectacular. Maybe 6 or 7 points and 4 or 5 boards a game.

Terry Hutchens: Six or seven points would be huge production from Perea if they could get that. I think they'd be happier with 4-5 points and 6-7 rebounds a game though.

IUZach11: Do you think Simmons or Allen starts this season? I'm excited and can't wait to see them play.

Terry Hutchens: The problem for Allen starting is that he plays behind Heban and Murphy. Simmons plays behind Cooper but I could see him sliding to the starting spot that once belonged to Hoobler before he got hurt.

IUZach11: Sign me up for the 6-7 ppg 4-5 rpg for Hanner. It would be a good contribution for him.


IUZach11: I thought the D-Line showed improvement in the season and started to make some plays before struggling at the end. Replogle was good. Black did some good things. I'm not very knowledgeable on line play on either side but I'm worried with losing the top 3 DT's from last season. Who steps up to fill the holes?

Terry Hutchens: IU is going to be young up front and as Dan pointed out one of the guys that could make an impact is Darius Latham from North Central. Also the Kenney kid from Pike. And I really like the move of putting Bobby Richardson inside. That should give them a little extra push.

IUZach11: Didn't seem like it ever materialized with Snider. Does the recruiting piece develop as quickly as it seems or is the back work done on a kid and we just don't see it.

Justin Albers: IU never offered and I think Snider's dad was upset by that. They were interested ie early*. There is obviously back work a lot of the time but sometimes it comes out of nowhere. Whitehead is an example.

Terry Hutchens: Recruiting is an interesting animal. There's no science to it. Lots of hit and miss. Lots of people who want to be shown love and if they're not, they move on to someone else.

IUZach11: Do we think Indiana Football will be a competitive team this season? It's opening day and I'm excited each year but in the back of my mind I'm waiting.

T erry Hutchens: That's always the big question Zach. That's what my IU Insider Blog looks at specifically today. You should check it out.

Odd thoughts: I could see IU beating PS,MIN,ILL, and Purdue...Maybe MSU...

Justin Albers: Come ask me that during Big Ten season. But for now, yes I think they will be competitive.

Justin Albers: Now do I think they win at Ohio State like one of our interns predicted? Hell no. haha.

T erry Hutchens Penn State?!? Really Dan. They're 16-0 all time against the Hoosiers.

Odd thoughts: streaks get broken.

Justin Albers: This is the year IU beats PSU. I agree.


IUZach11: at least he didn't predict Indiana to beat Wisconsin lol.

T erry Hutchens: Good move on that non-Wisconsin pick.

Justin what kind of impact do you see from Troy Williams this season. Coach Crean seems high on him.

Justin Albers: Zach, he's extremely talented. He may be the most athletic kid on the roster. But he has a lot to learn. Can't shoot from the outside yet, has to learn the college game, has to get much stronger. I think he'll be very good eventually, but will take some time to grow consistent.

Justin Albers: I love Troy's game.

Justin Albers: This y ear, I think Troy averages somewhere near 9 points, 3 or 4 boards and 3 or 4 assists per game. Very good passer for his size.

Terry Hutchens: I'm going to wrap this up for today. Thanks for stopping by. Tell your friends for next time and we'll try to build this thing. But again, I appreciate you guys stopping by. Top Stories