Charting the Quarterbacks

Guess which IU quarterback played the most minutes in terms of time of possession Thursday night? Bet you don't get it on the first guess.

The first game is in the books and the three primary Indiana quarterbacks have all seen game action.

In fact, four quarterbacks got in the game for IU on Thursday.

Tre Roberson got the initial nod from Kevin Wilson to start at quarterback Thursday night against Indiana State and played the first four series before suffering a bruised rib. If IU had needed him, he said he could have returned to play. But Indiana clearly did not in a 73-35 rout.

Nate Sudfeld came in next and played a total of eight offensive possessions. Last year's starter Cam Coffman also saw action on four possessions as did No. 4 QB Nate Boudreau who played the final two possessions and actually had more time on the field than IU's primary three.

Here's a breakdown of each of IU's four quarterbacks who played against Indiana State and how they fared:

TRE ROBERSON: Started and played the games' first four possessions. He ran 18 plays that resulted in 161 yards of offense, all in the first quarter, and played exactly five minutes of possession time. He completed 3-of-6 passes for 71 yards. He actually completed a fourth pass but it was ruled a lateral and official given to Isaiah Roundtree as a 4 yard run and not a reception. He also ran five times for 19 yards with a long gain of 8.

NATE SUDFELD: Sudfeld played a total of eight offensive possessions. He ran 31 plays that results in 320 yards of offense. He played three possessions in the second quarter and five in the third quarter. Those possessions resulted in five touchdowns. He also had one possession result in interception that was returned for a touchdown. He completed 12-of-17 passes for 219 yards with four touchdowns and one interception. His long pass was a 44 yard TD pass to Nick Stoner. He also had a 42 yard pass to Kofi Hughes. He played a total of 10 minutes and 15 seconds in time of possession.

CAM COFFMAN: Coffman played in four offensive possessions. He did not generate a touchdown drive but had a field goal. He also had an interception. He was in for 17 plays, had 54 yards and 5 minutes and 19 seconds in time of possession. He completed 2-of-7 passes for 29 yards with an long of 18 yards to Isaiah Roundtree.

NATE BOUDREAU: Boudreau actually was on the field longer than any Indiana quarterback with 11 minutes and 44 seconds of possession. He played the final two possessions. He was on the field for 19 plays that resulted in 112 yards. He did not throw a pass. His two possessions resulted in one touchdown and he could have had a second but Kevin Wilson opted to take a knee first a first and goal at the 5 in the closing minutes.

Here's what Wilson had to say about the quarterbacks following the game:

"We didn't decide until this morning and told Tre [Roberson]. Their battle was about dead even and yet, the way we practice, because we don't get preseason games, it's a scrimmage but you never tackle the quarterback. We even thought about that `should we tackle the quarterback?' As soon as you do that, heaven forbid, you get a cheap injury. We even had a discussion `should we go live on the quarterbacks?' because I think that plays sometimes into Tre's hand when he starts running around because they can't tackle him. If they get close to him in a scrimmage, he's down. Myself being an offensive coach, if I don't call him down, the defensive coaches start fussing at me, so it's like two-hand tag if you're down, you're down. The thought was since it was dead even and Tre has been playing with his hands tied, maybe it wasn't dead even if we were playing for real, so let's go with Tre.

"The other thing was that it was a bit sentimental. He was the guy that got hurt and fought hard to come back, so let's let him roll. He actually took a shot and has a bruise in his chest, like a rib deal. It's not a break or anything, but he took a shot and is a little gimpy, so that's why we went with the other guy. Then the score went to 42 just like that, so we went with Cam [Coffman] and Nate [Sudfeld] from there. It's not an injury deal that's hurting him. He was good to go. They said he could play the second half, but the way the score was, we just didn't go back to him."

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