IU Insider Blog: Next up is Navy

OK, so the Hoosiers scored 73 against Indiana State. So what. It's a what-you-have-you-done-for-me-lately business. What does week 2 have in store for Indiana?

OK, so Indiana opened the season with a 73-point outburst against Indiana State.

The Hoosiers lead the nation in scoring after one week of play.

But what does it mean for this week's game with Navy?

Probably not a great deal.

If anything, Navy is more prepared for Indiana than vice versa. The Middies didn't play last week so they sat back and watched Indiana play and now have that tape to prepare from. Indiana, because it played on Thursday, has had a couple of extra days to get ready for Navy than it normally would have.

But it doesn't have that fresh tape with a fresh team. One thing you could say is in Indiana's favor is that the Hoosiers have gotten some of the first-game bugs out while Navy will be making those first week mistakes.

One thing that helps both teams is the familiarity factor. They just faced each other 10 months ago. Indiana had that game won and gave Navy a gift. With under 6 minutes to play, Indiana led 30-21. Navy went on a 16-play, 74 yard drive but had to settle for a field goal. But it got the ball right back and went 72 yards in nine plays for the game-winning score.

For the first 50 minutes or so, Navy had a total of 226 yards of offense. In the final 10 minutes, it had 146.

Now, to Indiana's credit, this will be a little bit different attack than the Middies saw last October.

Then, Stephen Houston was IU's workhorse running back. Houston still could be a factor but based on game one, it's Tevin Coleman's job to lose. Last year against Navy, Coleman had 29 yards on seven carries. Houston had 82 yards on 21 carries.

Cameron Coffman was the IU quarterback and threw for 244 yards but also had an interception returned for a touchdown. Chances are Navy is going to see either Nate Sudfeld or Tre Roberson as the starter on Saturday.

There's one other thing, too. Indiana's tight ends had two catches in that game, both by Ted Bolser. But I really think Bolser is going to be a big part of the offense this year. In fact, I should say I think the tight end position is going to be a big part of the offense this year. That puts both Anthony Corsaro and Danny Friend in the mix, too.

Plus, I just think Indiana has the potential to put up a bunch of points in this one. 73? Doubtful. But I could see Indiana scoring in the high 30s or low 40s with the firepower the Hoosiers possess this season.

Now, I haven't said a word about the Navy option. I know it's tough to prepare for and all of that but again I still remember the fact that for 50 minutes last season, Navy was held to 226 yards of offense. And it was held in check by what I wouldn't consider a great Indiana defense by any stretch. I think this defense is better. I think they have a lot more athleticism both up front and in the secondary.

This is a long way of saying that I expect Indiana to be fine this week. But it's still a difficult opponent to prepare for when you've played a game and they haven't.

So who do you think will start at quarterback?

Oh, do we have to go through that again?

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