Kevin Johns talks about Indiana offense

Kevin Johns talks about the offense in the Indiana State game, the quarterbacks and specifically Nate Sudfeld, the hit on Shane Wynn and facing a familiar foe in Navy.

Indiana co-offensive coordinator Kevin Johns spoke to the media Monday following Kevin Wilson's weekly press conference. Here's the transcript of those remarks:

(How did you feel the offense performed in the opener?)

Johns: "There are a lot of areas where we can still improve. I thought we hit a little of a lull in that second quarter where we weren't really executing and finishing drives the way we want to. And then even in the third quarter we threw the pick six right out of the gate. Then there was a certain point when the switch flipped again and we were able to go bang, bang, bang again and be able to pile it on. But I think for us we need to have the ability to really be consistent for four quarters and then we have a chance to be really good.''

(Do you think your players need to get grounded again after winning a game by so many points in the opener?)

Johns: "We are grounded. We're still trying to prove where we belong. I don't think it's something where we're trying to bring ourselves back down. We're still trying to climb that mountain every single day.''

(Talk about the hit on Shane Wynn and how happy you were when you got to the locker room later and realized he was OK)

Johns: "That was a scary play. Watching it from the sidelines it looked pretty bad. You go back and watch the film and it doesn't look maybe as bad as it did watching it live. But I'm certainly very excited that he's fine and ready to go. He's a very important part of our offense and our team. Just the juice and the energy he brings, the speed, the big play capability that he brings. It's always good to have him on the field.''

(Evaluate your quarterback play from the opener)

Johns: "They all did well. I think there's an area where they can all improve. Obviously there's some plays that each one of them missed. But as far as just managing the game, for a first game, they all did pretty well. I was excited to see all three of them play as much as they did. I don't know if we can get that for every game from here on out but it was good for that first game that they all got some pretty even reps. But again, they did some good things, they did some bad things. There's always some things to grow on and as everyone says the growth between week one and week two is always the biggest.''

(Are you proud of the way Nate Sudfeld handled himself when he played Thursday and how he was able to bounce back after throwing that interception that went the other way?)

Johns: "I'm very proud of him. You go back to a year ago and I didn't think he played like a true freshman a year ago. And now he's a true sophomore after playing and I don't think he acts like a true sophomore. He has that calmness about him, a quiet confidence if you will. A lot of that comes from his knowledge of the game. He knows what he is doing. He knows where to go with the ball. Really we put him in a bad situation on that interception for a touchdown. That was more on the coaches than it was on him. But again I thought he responded well. I thought he played very well. I thought he represented himself well. His first two passes of the season went for touchdowns. That's kind of a cool stat. I don't think a lot of people can say that. So I'm proud of where he is right now.''

(How was that play more on the coaches than on Sudfeld?)

Johns: "It was probably just a bad play call with the defensive look that we were getting. More than anything else that play should never have been called to be very honest with you. Again that's why it's more on us than it is on him.''

(How much can you take from having just played Navy 10 months ago? Is that an advantage even though this is Navy's season opener?)

Johns: "How much can we take from the Navy tape? Quite a bit. We'll be watching that film a lot and it obviously helps to have just played them a year ago. There were a lot of things that we wished we had done better in that game. We would have liked to have finished drives better, played a complete four quarters. We left a lot of plays out there on the field. But it helps a lot to see their base structure and see how they line up against us. We'll go back and watch some of their other games last season to either confirm or change what we're thinking. But I think it's a big advantage that we had them a year ago.''

(Coach Wilson talked about how when you play Navy you don't get as many possessions as you do in a lot of games because of their slow methodical style. Does that put extra pressure on the offense?)

Johns: "I don't know that we put any more pressure on ourselves our do things that our going to make kids tense up and stress out. But certainly we're aware that we want to make sure we get the right play calls at the right time. We need to execute when the opportunities are there. But really as an offensive coach and an offensive team we feel that way all the time. We feel like we always need to execute and move the ball down the field. But we certainly don't want to put any more pressure on ourselves with the kids.''

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