Hoops Recruiting Central: My starters

Our Terry Hutchens gave his early starters this morning on his blog. Here, I give you mine.

The publisher of this site and my boss, Terry Hutchens, posted his early starters for Indiana basketball earlier this morning, so I figured I'd stay on that same subject and give you mine.

Terry believes the starters will be Yogi Ferrell, Evan Gordon, Will Sheehey, Jeremy Hollowell and Noah Vonleh. Looks like a pretty good list, right?

To me, there's three no-doubt starters up there: Ferrell, Sheehey and Vonleh. Ferrell and Sheehey are the veterans on this team, the only two returning players that were in Tom Crean's regular rotation a season ago.

And Vonleh, despite being just a freshman, has been working tirelessly since he arrived on campus in May, at least from every indication we have gotten. Vonleh has put on 25 pounds of muscle in a few short months, now up to a solid 240.

Terry mentioned it in his blog, too, but the other two spots are more up in the air and harder to project. I'm going to disagree with Terry, respectfully of course, and say Gordon does not start. Just can't see it. He could be a solid guy off the bench in his first year with the Hoosiers, but I don't see Crean wanting to start two small guards again. We saw that enough last year with Ferrell and Jordan Hulls.

I think we'll see either backcourt of Ferrell and Sheehey, or Ferrell and freshman Stanford Robinson. Robinson is still too left-hand dominant, according to Crean, but he's got a ton of upside and could eventually crack the starting lineup. He's also likely to be the backup point guard.

But I don't think Robinson will be ready to start right away, so I'm going to go with Ferrell and Sheehey in the backcourt. In the front court, I'll go with sophomore Jeremy Hollowell at the small forward position, Vonleh at power forward, and freshman Luke Fischer at center.

Why? Hollowell has had a good offseason, from all indications, and is quickly becoming one of the most hard-working guys on the roster. Vonleh, we've already talked about him. And Fischer, well there's the other place Terry and I disagree.

In Terry's projected lineup, you have Vonleh playing the center position. Can't see that. I think he could play there at times, but just not sure that's how Crean will want to start things. Fischer has been injured for much of the summer, which has set him back a bit in terms of developing strength and learning the system, but he's a smart kid. He may have to learn on the job a little bit, but he's this team's best option at center.

Another discussion we could have, and maybe it's for another day, is who Indiana's sixth man will be. It was Sheehey last year, and there are a number of candidates for that role this season. Troy Williams, Robinson, Gordon and Hanner Mosquera-Perea are all candidates. Who's your sixth man? What's your starting lineup? Head to the forum and let us know.

As always, thanks for reading.

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