Robert Johnson update

2014 guard Robert Johnson talked about committing to Indiana after his official visit to Bloomington. Why didn't he? Read to find out the details.

Indiana didn't land a commitment from 2014 guard Robert Johnson when he was on campus for an official visit two weeks ago, but Tom Crean's message to him continues to be the same:

Johnson is Indiana's top priority.

"They've continued to express that Rob is their main guy for the class of '14 and waiting to see what he's going to do," Johnson's father, Robert Sr., told "They want to build the program around him in the 2014 class.

"It's been constant contact, coach [Kenny] Johnson and coach Crean. They've been in contact checking to see how the visit had gone and seeing where they are at. They've been doing a real good job of doing the follow-up part."

Johnson talked about committing to Indiana immediately after his visit, his father said. But ultimately, he wanted to take his time and see the other schools recruiting him. Johnson visited Virginia last weekend and will take officials to North Carolina and Florida State the next two weeks. Johnson Sr. said an October visit to Georgetown has also been discussed.

"When we got to the airport on our connecting flight to come to Richmond, he said he wanted to commit," Johnson Sr. said. "He was real excited about the chances of possibly playing at Indiana and being a real big part of their program. I told him that was something we would have to discuss as a family, his mother needed to be a part of it.

"She sat down and talked with the academic people, which I thought was real good. And then he wanted to see the other schools to see what they had to offer. He still really, really likes Indiana."

After he set up his other visits to North Carolina and Florida State, Johnson let Crean know the reason why.

"I told him and Rob told him that doesn't negate the visit that he had with Indiana," Johnson Sr. said. "He just wanted to see the other ones, and that's why he did them back-to-back. He wants to make a concise decision.

"I talked to Rob and I let him know, as far as I stand, once he commits, that's it. It kind of wears on him at times because when you look at it, here's a kid who really, really has played tremendous in the summer. He's had so much attention, and he's done a great job the way he has handled it. I always commend him for that."

As far as the visit itself, Johnson Sr. said "it was pretty good." Johnson got to play in open gym with all of Indiana's current players, and 2014 target Isaiah Whitehead, who was in town for an unofficial visit. Johnson also met former Indiana guard Victor Oladipo and was hosted by Indiana freshman Troy Williams, whose uncle, Boo Williams, is Johnson's AAU coach.

"Robert definitely liked the coaching staff, coach Johnson and coach Crean," Johnson Sr. said. "I think they did a good job. We wanted them to be one of the first visits, and then coach Crean wanted Rob to be one of the first recruits to take an official visit to Indiana. I thought that was real good as far as showing Rob how much they really want him and how much they really need him. He hung out with Troy a lot with the connection of him playing against Troy when they were younger. I think the main thing they did that was real good was show the player development."

Johnson Sr. said the official visit to Virginia this past weekend also went well.

"He got to go to the football game and was able to connect with some of the football players," Johnson Sr. said. "Actually one of the players (Anthony Harris) that was the national player of the week played on Robert's basketball team before he transferred to Benedictine. There was nothing else Virginia could have possibly done to make it better. They did a great job."

While in Bloomington, Johnson Sr. got to watch his son play in open gym and thought he held his own against the Indiana players.

"I told him if you was walking in and you didn't know who he was, you would have thought he was on the team," Johnson Sr. said.

Johnson and Whitehead, the top-ranked shooting guard in the 2014 class, knew each other before the visit and played on the same team at NBA Top 100 Camp this summer. Johnson Sr. said the two discussed the possibility of playing together in college while they were in town.

"They talk, not every day, but they catch up with each other to see how each other are doing," Johnson Sr. said. "Isaiah talked to him and pretty much wanted to get his take on it on what Rob was going to do. It's not a thing like they both want to commit at the same time, but I think they both would kind of nudge the other if one does commit. I think the other one would be more likely to commit if one does."

There was some talk when Johnson set up the four visits in consecutive weekends that a decision could come sometime in mid-September. But with a possible October trip to Georgetown looming, Johnson's recruitment could drag out a little bit longer.

"It hasn't been finalized, but we actually looked at the dates and talked to coach [John] Thompson," Johnson Sr. said. "He wants to get it over with, but he doesn't want to rush into anything." Top Stories