Chat Rewind: Sept. 6, 2013

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Here's a chat wrap looking back at some of the interaction we had today in our weekly IU Football and Basketball chat. We went Friday from 12-1 p.m. (ET). Continue to weigh in and let us know if you would prefer a afternoon or evening chat.

Starting Quarterback Chatter

FCFlashesdad: Any word on starting QB for tomorrow?

Terry Hutchens: I have to think it's going to be Roberson again to start but I just wonder if it's going to quickly become a two-quarterback race with Roberson and Sudfeld.

FCFlashesdad: I think Roberson too. I watched him dismantle Franklin Central when he was a senior in HS, and he is too good to keep off the field. I would love to see him and Sudfeld on the field at the same time for a few plays.

Terry Hutchens: Yeah I remember those days, too with Roberson in high school. My kids went to Lawrence North so with him at LC we saw him play a few times.

Odd Thoughts:I still like the two quarterback thing myself. Both have different strengths and weaknesses.

Terry Hutchens: I worry about both of them on the field at the same time unless it's a pistol kind of look. But I think you make your quarterback awfully susceptible to getting blown up if you have him out running routes or carrying the ball like a tailback.

The 14-point spread for tomorrow

Southern Michael:Do you think this Navy game can be a turning point in how people look at IU football? They are a 14 point favorite.

Terry Hutchens: Yeah Michael, I think what is interesting is that those of us who have followed IU football closely for so long I think are afraid to think about 14 pt point spreads because you're waiting for the bubble to burst.

Terry Hutchens:I think IU could put up a big number again tomorrow. Not 73, but maybe mid to high 40s.

Southern Michael: I almost feel like a lot of fans are watching and hoping, but like a Chicago Cub fan are scared to death of it falling apart again.

FCFlashesdad: I am hoping for at least 40 tomorrow. I will be at the game and need me some TDs!

Terry Hutchens: I don't think the Chicago Cubs analogy is that far off.

Odd Thoughts: I am starting to think, that his just might be a must win game. If nothing more than to prove last week was not a fluke.

Tevin Coleman or Stephen Houston

Odd Thoughts:I am curious if Tevin Coleman will do the same as he did last week and if Stephen Houston shows anything.

Terry Hutchens:Have to figure it was an interesting week for Houston. That whole experience had to have been a wakeup call. Reading and hearing all the talk this week about Tevin Coleman hopefully will light a fire under that young man this week.

FCFlashesdad: Was the affect good or bad this week? Moving forward and specifically with Houston. Do you think he will respond in a positive way?

Terry Hutchens: That's a really good question. The problem now is that let's say going into the first game they were thinking equal or close to equal carries for the two you have to think Coleman is going to get the lion's share now. So Houston will have fewer opportunities to showcase what he can do.

FCFlashesdad:I hope Houston stays positive, IU will need him to make a bowl run. Coleman won't be able to carry the load. Well, I have to get back to work. Can't wait for the game tomorrow and see the USS Indiana prow too!

The impact of Shane Wynn getting hit on that punt return attempt

Southern Michael: I was actually happy that the incident happened on the punt return. It showed this team has fight and i thought they lost the killer attitude until that play.

Terry Hutchens:Yeah Michael, I completely agree. And you could just tell by their body language the effect it had on them.

Odd Thoughts:There was a fire in the way they played last week. A bit more intense than the last few years.

Thoughts on Robert Johnson's recruitment

Jahel:So what is the gut on Robert Johnson? UNC with the edge if they push hard?

Justin Albers:Jahel, my gut tells me Johnson is an Indiana lean, and trust me, I get that question all the time. I think North Carolina is very close behind, but Indiana is the favorite right now. But he's from the East, he's going to UNC this weekend, so things could change.

Justin Albers: I will tell you this though: Johnson is very, very important right now. If IU misses on him, they could be in some trouble for next year because I'm not sure where the next commit comes from. But h if he does commit, that could be the first domino to fall and could build a very good class.

Justin Albers:It'd be nice for Crean to get a commitment from him before Hoosier Hysteria so he can try to pick up another one or two that weekend.

Thoughts on Peter Jurkin's future if his injuries continue

Southern Michael: Justin with Jurkin still not healthy when does IU get to the point that they have to make a decision on keeping him or letting him go.

Justin Albers:He'll get another year. If he's not healthy by next offseason and never has been, then I think you have to part ways. And that could be realistic. But give him another year, see if he can get and stay healthy, and go from there.

On football's team speed

IUZach11:What impresses me about this IU Football team is the overall team speed. It's not just one or two guys as in the past.

Terry Hutchens: I think that's true Zach. I think the team speed is better than it has been in a long time. And I think it's that way on both sides of the ball.

IUZach11: T.J. Simmons was a play maker in the ISU game. Hope he continues and the guy is a hitter.

Terry Hutchens: I had a thought yesterday as I was on campus to talk to a Journalism class. I rode the Express bus from Memorial Stadium to Ernie Pyle Hall and there were about 5 football players on the bus and my assessment was simply that they really looked like college football players. Maybe that's part of the difference here, too.

Thoughts on Isaiah Whitehead's recruitment

Jahel:What is Whitehead thinking right now?

Justin Albers:Hard to say on Whitehead. He's not as close to a decision at the moment as Robert Johnson is. He wants to see other schools, and the schools that are still on his list are spread all over the country. But if you get him on campus for HH next month, that's going to be huge.

Thoughts on IU football's defense

jmsgws:I know we can't tell much about the defense because of ISU, but I thought they looked a lot better than last year. How much do you think our D has improved?

IUZach11: They were bigger, stronger, faster...yeah they sure looked the part last week.

Terry Hutchens: I think the jury is still out on the defense. The problem with this game is that it's such a gimmick offense that I'm not sure how much more you're going to know after this game. After this one they'll dump that tape and look back at Indiana State and see how they can improve on their base stuff.

jmsgws:So will this weekend be the test, Missouri, or do we wait for the B1G season?

Terry Hutchens: I would say Bowling Green or Missouri will give you a lot better gauge on the defense. Bowling Green is pretty good from I've been told.

IUZach11: Makes sense on the triple option and tossing the tape away. I just hope the offense scores often enough to draw them out of any ball control type deal they hit us with last year. Plus we can't turn the ball over.

Thoughts on Dante Exum

jahel: The biggest wild card could be Exum. Any possibility he goes to college in your mind?

Justin Albers: On Exum, hard to say. It's about 50-50 that he goes to college, but there are a number of other schools getting in now. IU, UK, Michigan, etc. So I don't think there's a huge chance, but you wait for him because he's an outstanding player. Gut: He goes pro.

More in IU hoops recruits

IUZach11: How many will Indiana basketball sign for next season?

Justin Albers: Zach: I think IU signs three guys next year. Who will that be? Not sure but i think you get three. If you get any combination of 3 between Robert Johnson, Isaiah Whitehead, Goodluck and Devin Robinson, that's still a hell of a class.

IUZach11: I'll take any of the 3. It would be a great class.

Crowd thoughts

jmsgws: Terry prediction on the crowd for tomorrow?

Terry Hutchens: I bet the crowd is better than the first game. A Thursday night was tough on the Indy crowd for sure. A 6 p.m. start will give students all the time they need to recover from Friday night. I bet it's in the low 40's.

Odd Thoughts: Speaking of the students ... let's give some credit there. They finally figured out how to cross 17th street.

Terry Hutchens: They crossed it back at halftime though.

Odd Thoughts: So did a lot of other people as well...big difference on your side of the field that you can't see after half.

jmsgws: I know college has changed a lot in the last 30 years, but I really hope the kids show up.

Thought's on Goodluck's recruitment

Jahel:Any guesses on when Goodluck is going to visit?

Justin Albers: My guess on Goodluck is Hoosier Hysteria but I don't know with any certainty on that. Not as tied in there as I should be.

Football scheduling thoughts

Southern Michael:Since I am from the Louisville area, any chance IU picks U of L on their football schedule since FCS are now off limits.

Terry Hutchens: Not sure what direction they go. I wouldn't mind seeing Kentucky comeback in football myself. Or maybe they think about a home and a way with a West coast school, too.

Odd Thoughts: The IU/L would be a good series. No use to travel great distances to have a good series.

Thoughts on playing Navy

Terry Hutchens: So my big question is what do you really get out of playing a team like Navy if they are such a gimmicky program? Why not just play teams that allow you to build from week to week?

Terry Hutchens: I'm guessing Wilson inherited the schedule but still.

jmsgws: I like the idea of playing Navy. Gimmicky or not, they are a decent team, and it is good to see a decent team on the preconference schedule.

Terry Hutchens: I agree with the decent team concept but still ...

IUZach11: Was playing Navy an attempt to establish a larger East Coast footprint for recruiting?

Terry Hutchens: That may be true Zach but I'm not sure it's working if that's the case. I can't think of more than a recruit or two that they're looking at from that area. It seems like Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri for the most part.

Odd Thoughts: I am surprised more teams haven't started doing the Navy thing with more and more quarterbacks being runners first and passers second.

A backup point guard?

Dyedinthewool: I would love to see CTC target a PG for next year. We have a lot riding on the health of Yogi.

Justin Albers: Interesting point on the PG. But that doesn't seem to be the same line of thinking as CTC if it was, they would have offered Quentin Snider and gone harder after him. He's the premier PG in this class. And i think they could have had him if they wanted him.

Justin Albers: Only PG still being recruited is Lourawls, and I don't see him coming he. So maybe in '15 they a target another one?

Terry Hutchens: But to Dyed in the Wool's point, what would IU do if Yogi got hurt?

Justin Albers: They'd be in big, big trouble Hutch. Stan Robinson would have to start at PG and that wouldn't be great.

Southern Michael: Sheehey would run the point.....

IUZach11: I'd put the ball in Wills hands, too. But I wouldn't want to lose Yogi for anything.

Dyedinthewool:Of the three shooting guards, which one is best suited for some point guard duties?

Justin Albers:Robinson.

Dyedinthewool:We need to close the deal with him.

Southern Michael: With all the players being mentioned what about Evan Gordon? How does he fit in for IU this year?

Terry Hutchens: I think he plays a lot. I don't think you bring him in here if he doesn't.

Odd Thoughts: Or he was brought here to help with the younger one coming up.

Southern Michael: Terry I am sorry but I feel the only reason we took Gordon was to have a better shot at his brother Eron.

Terry Hutchens: That may be true Dan and Michael but this was a kid that averaged double figures at Arizona State last year. He had a 29 point game and a 28 point game. That's a little better than they got with walk-on Scott May Jr. thinking that would help them get Sean May. That worked out real well by the way.

Dyedinthewool:Of the shooting guards who is the best ball handler?

Justin Albers:Whitehead is the best ball handler of the three, and i think JBJ is second. RJ can play some, but will have to learn it. I'm not high on Evan Gordon either. Look at his numbers, he scored because he shot and shot and shot and shot and shot. He's the definition of a volume shooter and shot way too many 3-pointers for his percentage.

Terry Hutchens:Sounds like my assessment of you Justin as a CYO player. You and Striebel. Sorry that was uncalled for. For those of you who don't know, I coached Justin in CYO Basketball years ago. He was my point guard.

Predictions for IU-Navy

IUZach11:I have to run guys. Thanks for the info! Go Hoosiers! Indiana 48 Navy 27.

Southern Michael:IU 45 -14... have a good weekend everyone and be safe.

Dyedinthewool:IU--51 Navy-28

Terry Hutchens:I like both those predictions and think they're closer to the 7 point stuff I keep hearing from some. I'll go with 42-21 Hoosiers.

Justin Albers: My prediction: 41-24

Terry Hutchens:Thanks everyone for participating today. We'll do it again next week. For anyone reading this later, we'll have a post the boards linking this as it will be a free content item. But please let me know in the forum section if you prefer an afternoon chat or an evening one. Thinking about maybe trying an early evening one next week.

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