Quotable: Indiana vs. Navy

Check out the best quotes from Kevin Wilson, Kofi Hughes, Ted Bolser and Nate Sudfeld following Indiana's loss to Navy.

Kevin Wilson

On Indiana's lack of adjustment on defense vs. Navy's triple option offense:

"We didn't adjust well. I thought we were a little casual in our prep work here recently just in our body language and chatter. Were we on-edge and ready to play? I thought pregame started a little casual. I thought the game started a little casual and that being said, when we made our adjustments, I don't know if we got them made."

On what this loss means for the Hoosiers:

"The real deal will be moving forward. We can talk about this until we're blue in the face but we're not going to see this anymore. Again, if you think about we've put umpteen hours because it's difficult and it's still we're defending it last year and this year. So we're seven points short in two years. And the real deal is getting back to doing what we need to play well against Bowling Green."

On whether he was surprised IU's defense struggled as much as it did against the option:

"No- I tried for two years to get out of playing these guys. It's just difficult ... It's very unique. They're very good at it and then when they work that with their defense, mistakes are maximized. You just don't get as many opportunities. I thought it would be difficult, I would have like to have stopped it better, but unfortunately we didn't."

Kofi Hughes

On Indiana's offense coming out flat to start the game:

"We didn't come out at all to play. The first quarter basically just letting them score and the offense- I think we went three and out three times in a row and that's just not us and we just didn't come out to play."

On Nate Sudfeld's four-TD performance off the bench:

"Nate, coming off the bench again is just performing, really leading our team to somewhat of a comeback. But ultimately we just waited way too long to turn it on."

Ted Bolser

On his second touchdown of the game, a leaping touchdown late in the 4th quarter that brought Indiana within six points:

"It was just a scramble, and I honestly couldn't even tell you what route I had. I think I had a little dig route or something and I just kept going and going and going and he saw me or Cody or somebody and he threw a perfect ball where only I could reach it."

On the Hoosiers' near comeback:

"A lot of previous Indiana teams that I would have been on would have folded at the end and not have even given it a shot. And we had a shot going in."

Nate Sudfeld

On his performance following his interception early in the second quarter:

"After that I felt like I kind of got in a rhythm and our offense was kind of clicking. We really dug ourselves in a hole. We really didn't give our defense any chance; we were playing catch up the whole time. So I was proud of the guys' effort. We were in the game the whole time and nobody stopped believing the whole time."

On playing from behind:

"You can't hope for our defense to make a stop. We knew we had to score every single drive to give ourselves a chance, and we did a lot of that after that interception. But we still dug ourselves a little bit too much of a hole and we weren't able to finish."

On unexpectedly leading the team in rushing with 35 yards on six carries:

"I think I'm a little bit better athlete than I'm given credit for but I'm not nearly the athlete Tre [Roberson] is, so definitely trying to do a Tre Roberson impression. I've seen him a lot in practice, kind of try to steal some moves every once in a while, just trying to get a first down."

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