Hoops Recruiting Central: Johnson update

2014 guard Robert Johnson has now taken three official visits, the latest to North Carolina. Where do things stand? Our weekly update.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It's Monday, which means another official visit is over for 2014 Richmond (Va.) guard Robert Johnson.

Johnson was in Chapel Hill over the weekend for his North Carolina visit, his third one thus far. Johnson started taking officials with his trip to Bloomington two weekends ago, and he was at Virginia last weekend.

The publisher from our Virginia site, Jacquie Franciulli, caught up with Johnson last night and had a lengthy conversation with him about all of his visits to this point. She did a great job of getting him to talk about all the schools, and I encourage you to check her comprehensive story out. Robert Johnson Updates recruiting

Here's what Johnson said about the visit to North Carolina:

"My trip this weekend went really good. It was a little better than I expected. There were a couple of questions that my parents had to get answered. They got those answered and I got a better feeling about the program and where I would be fitting in."

As I have written many times before in this blog, those close to the situation continue to say Johnson's recruitment will come down to Indiana and North Carolina. I was a little surprised he didn't commit Sunday night, to be honest, because he's now seen his top two schools.

At this point, it's hard to predict either way. It'll likely be a toss-up when the time comes. One of the main drawbacks to North Carolina all along has been that they already have three committed point guards and two committed wings for next year. So where would Johnson play?

"Most likely next year, with P.J. [Hairston] having as good a year as he did last year, this year, he has a real chance of going in the first round in the draft," Johnson told Franciulli. "And Leslie McDonald, the other shooting guard, will be graduating. So from that standpoint of shooting guards, there will be an open spot.

"And with the recruiting class, he [North Carolina coach Roy Williams] said there are guys that are coming in that can score. He didn't promise me anything. He said I have to go out there and I have to earn it. I could have a chance to start, but he doesn't promise me anything."

If you believe Johnson's comments, maybe the other players at his position don't bother him. But regardless, Johnson would have a better opportunity at early playing time in Bloomington. He talked about the Hoosiers with Franciulli as well.

"The trip was nothing short of anything I expected. It was really hard not to commit," he said. "It was the first trip, and I didn't want to get caught in the moment. I wanted to take all of my visits. But I think that trip was amazing.

"I have a chance to fit in out there. It was special, it was good."

Johnson told Franciulli he will take his scheduled visit to Florida State next week and then take some time before announcing a decision. I'm still kind of surprised he's making that trip, but I guess he wasn't kidding when he said he'd take all of his visits.

But Johnson did leave the door open for a commitment a little earlier.

"I think it is good to take a week or two after [the Florida State visit] to decide," Johnson told Franciulli. "But I'm not sure. As soon as I decide on a decision, I am going to go ahead and do it."

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