Wilson still not ready to name starting QB

Tre Roberson and Nate Sudfeld remain co-starters heading into game against Bowling Green. Indiana coach Kevin Wilson talked about both quarterbacks on Monday.

The quarterback controversy/battle/whatever you want to call it isn't quite over yet.

Sophomore Nate Sudfeld has outplayed classmate Tre Roberson in each of Indiana's first two games, but the two continued to be listed as co-starters on the Hoosiers' depth chart released Monday.

Through two games, Sudfeld has thrown for 582 yards with eight touchdowns to two interceptions. Roberson has thrown only seven passes for 71 yards and two scores.

Roberson has started both games, but has not lasted more than a quarter in either. In Saturday's 41-35 loss to Navy, Roberson played only two series'.

But both head coach Kevin Wilson and offensive coordinator Seth Littrell said Monday it wasn't because Roberson did anything wrong.

"It wasn't his fault," Wilson said.

Then why was he benched?

"We were 0-for-2," Wilson said. "It wasn't getting benched. Tevin Coleman comes out, Stephen [Houston] comes in. Is that benched?"

They can say they inserted Sudfeld to change momentum or whatever they want to say, but the fact of the matter is this: Sudfeld entered and remained in the game because he's the better quarterback. Wilson knows that, whether he wants to say it or not.

What he and Littrell said Monday didn't make much sense to me.

"The first two drives were mistakes on other guys, not Tre," Littrell said. "He had two drives where he didn't move the football, but it was nothing Tre did. Tre is going to have opportunities to make plays, and I fully expect him to make them."

Again, if it wasn't his fault, then why pull him?

"We're going to play both those guys," Littrell said. "At that time, just trying to shake up the momentum a little bit. We went down and had the opportunity missed in the red zone. We could have pulled him, but that's not what we're about, pulling guys for one mistake. That's not what you're out there today. [Sudfeld] came out and got momentum. It's hard to take a guy out when he's got five touchdowns in a row."

They won't pull Sudfeld after one mistake, but they will pull Roberson after he made zero mistakes, by their estimation? Something doesn't add up. It's a hypocritical statement.

Why Wilson won't name a starting quarterback continues to puzzle me. I'm not sure what Indiana gets out of playing two quarterbacks that effectively do the same thing. Sure, Roberson is a better athlete, but Wilson has said time and again that he wants him to become more of a pocket passer.

Sudfeld is clearly the better option at this point. Give him the job, and let's go.

"We've scored 15 touchdowns. Tre's passing efficiency is better than Sudfeld's," Wilson said. "The guy you guys think is pretty good threw a pick where he should have thrown it to the other side for a touchdown because he made the wrong read. We're human, they're kids. They're pretty good, too."

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