Q&A with Robert Johnson Sr.

2014 guard Robert Johnson will announce his college decision Sept. 20. His father updates Johnson's recruitment in an exclusive interview with AllHoosiers.com.

Robert Johnson has taken official visits to Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina with one to Florida State coming this weekend. AllHoosiers.com talked to his father, Robert Johnson Sr., about where things stand in his recruitment.

ALBERS: How did the North Carolina visit go this past weekend?

JOHNSON SR.: It went as expected. Carolina is Carolina with the rich history of the program, Roy Williams, Hall of Fame coach. They have the best player to ever play the game [Michael Jordan] that went there. It was what was expected.

ALBERS: What were the conversations like between you, Robert and your wife on the way home? Was it a situation like after the Indiana visit where Robert wanted to commit?

JOHNSON SR.: My wife, she's a school teacher, so she really really looks in-depth on the education side, the guys that graduated, those type of things. From a basketball standpoint, we didn't really talk a whole lot except for where he thinks he'll fit in at and his impact his first year. He wants to be an impact player his first year because he feels like he's worked his way into that.

It wasn't like the Indiana trip as far as him talking about committing because the Indiana trip was the first visit. He was excited and he still likes them. The Carolina one, he went in not knowing a lot of the details. I think going to Carolina really changed his perspective as far as how he would fit with them. He got a better outlook on how he'd actually fit with them. He could be that piece as far as a shooter that they need for that class. Being the fourth player for that class, that's a big thing. I think that was a big impact.

ALBERS: Do you kind of look at Indiana and North Carolina in a similar way as Indiana in Robert's ability to come in and impact the team right away?

JOHNSON SR.: Robert is the type of kid that, you can play him a lot of different places. Indiana and North Carolina kind of mirror each other in that they like to get up and down, transition wise. They like to get it out and score in transition.

As far as the recruitment, I look at the guys that are coming in at North Carolina. Both programs have great kids and I know Rob would fit in with either one. As far as playing, North Carolina has a lot of guards and wings. You just don't know the situation of how long they'll be there. That's one of the things we looked at. With Indiana, I think their guard situation is a little more open because they don't have a lot of guards and wings and they haven't signed anybody in the '14 class yet.

ALBERS: Do you think that hurts Indiana that they don't have anyone committed yet?

JOHNSON SR.: No. I don't think that hurts them. Actually, that could be a good thing because you want somebody, I don't want to say who can be a cornerstone, but who can stand in front of the 2014 class. I think Robert is that type of kid that can do that for the '14 class. He grew up with and we live in the same neighborhood as Devin Robinson, who Indiana is highly recruiting.

I'm not saying 100 percent that Robert is gonna persuade Devin to come, but they went to middle school together, they played AAU together, they're real, real close friends. I think that would have an effect on the '14 class if Robert were to be one of the first ones to commit. I don't think that hurts Indiana at all.

ALBERS: I know Tom Crean was at Robert's school yesterday. What do you know about how that meeting went?

JOHNSON SR.: The meeting went well. I actually came up there later on and my wife also came. She wanted to meet them because she didn't make the Indiana trip. She wanted to sit down and talk to them and ask questions about the education, school details. I told her when we came back that they have a real good person in Marni [Mooney] that does a great job with the kids on the academic side.

ALBERS: And he's got a couple more visitors today?

JOHNSON SR.: Coach [Roy] Williams is doing an in-home visit this evening. Coach [Leonard] Hamilton and one of the UNC assistants were at the workouts this morning at 6 o'clock.

ALBERS: How to do you envision this playing out? Do you think he takes awhile after the Florida State visit or makes a decision quickly?

JOHNSON SR.: I'm assuming probably a week. It may be before a week, it may be after a week, but I think that's a good time frame.

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