Five Keys to the game vs. Bowling Green

Indiana coach Kevin Wilson still hasn't named a starting quarterback. It's time for him to do so. Read why in this story.

With every game that Indiana plays this season, we'll take a pregame look at five keys that the Hoosiers will need to be successful.

Here's the five keys for today's game with Bowling Green:

1. STICK WITH ONE QUARTERBACK: It's been a heavily-discussed topic for some time, and I think the quarterback battle needs to end. Nate Sudfeld is the best option. It's time to start him, and stick with him. If he struggles at some point this season, it makes sense to give Tre Roberson another shot. But not this week. Stick with Sudfeld and see what he can do with a complete game.

2. STOP THE RUN: Bowling Green is a well-balanced team and passes the ball very well, but Indiana needs to focus on stopping the run first. The Hoosiers couldn't stop the run at all last week against Navy, so I'm sure that's been an area of focus this week. If you stop the run and force Bowling Green into 3rd-and-long situations, you have a better chance of stopping them. It'll be important to keep the Falcons out of manageable 3rd-down situations.

3. FIND A RUNNING GAME: Indiana's Tevin Coleman ran for 169 yards against Indiana State in the season opener, but the Hoosiers really struggled to run the ball against Navy last week. A lot of that had to do with the fact Indiana was playing catchup from the get-go, but the Hoosiers must be more balanced going forward. Maybe it's Coleman. Maybe it's Stephen Houston. Whoever it is, Indiana must establish some sort of a running game.

4. GET OFF THE FIELD: Get off the field on 3rd down, that is. And 4th down if the Falcons decide to go for it like Navy did much of the time. The Hoosiers regularly forced Navy into 3rd-and-long situations last week only to let them pick up a chunk of yards and get into a 4th-and-short. That can't happen this week. When Indiana has Bowling Green in such situations, it needs to make a play and get off the field.

5. GET LATIMER INVOLVED: Indiana has 10 receiving touchdowns in two games. Cody Latimer doesn't have one of them. Latimer is one of the most talented players on the Indiana roster, but he has only five catches for 73 yards through two games. Sudfeld and/or Roberson must work to get him more involved in the offense because they will need him more and more as the season progresses. Top Stories