Opposing Writer Q&A: Bowling Green

In this week's Q&A with the opposing beat writer, Jack Carle talks about a talented Bowling Green team that he expects to come into Bloomington and knock off the Hoosiers.

Every week I will try to do a quick Q&A session with a beat writer from the opposing team. Last week it was Bill Wagner of the Capital Gazette, who covers Navy. This week it's Jack Carle, the sports editor of the Sentinel-Tribune who covers Bowling Green.

Here's the result of that Q&A:

Hutchens: 1. Just how good is this Bowling Green team compared to others that you have covered in the past?

Carle:"This team is loaded with veteran players on both sides of the ball, and there are very high expectations. This is the season the Dave Clawson has been building for since taking over in 2009. This is definitely the best Falcons' team since the 2003 squad went 11-3 with a win over Northwestern in the Motor City Bowl. BG's only losses that season were two times against a Ben Rothlisberger-led Miami of Ohio team and at Ohio State.''

Hutchens: 2 . Talk a little bit about Matt Johnson and what makes him such an effective quarterback and field general?

Carle:" Matt Johnson has the ability to make plays in the running game, and has shown a good throwing arm in the first two games. In addition he has been able to emotionally light a spark under the team with his confidence and performance."

Hutchens: 3. What is the mood in town this week as Bowling Green takes the road for its first ever game against Indiana? How will Bowling Green fans travel? Do you expect a large contingent to make the trip?

Carle:" There's talk around town about the game, but it's not the buzz when in previous years Bowling Green has played Michigan or Ohio State. There are two busses for students going and there are also plans for at least one adult fan bus. As for a large contingent, I guess that depends on how you define large. My guess is that there will be at least 1,000 orange-clad fans there.''

Hutchens: 4. What do you see as the most intriguing matchup on either side of the ball heading into Saturday's IU-Bowling Green game?

Carle:" How well Bowling Green's defense plays against IU's quick-tempo offense and how the Falcons adjust if or when IU changes quarterbacks is the key to the game."

Hutchens: 5. What do you think will be the final score Saturday and what do you think will be Bowling Green's final record for the 2013 season?

Carle:" I'm going to call it 41-35 BGSU. I look for the Falcons to go 10-2 during the regular season, play in the MAC championship game, probably against Northern Illinois, and earn a spot in a bowl game."

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