VIDEO: Hughes Happy With WR Performance

The Hoosier wide recievers took advantage of the Bowling Green man-to-man defense. The Falcon corners could not keep up with the speed of the IU wide receivers.

In a game where speed mattered, the IU wide recievers delivered. It was clear that the IU wide outs had an extra step against the Falcon secondary.

Cody Latimer was one of those wide receivers that used his ability to beat the Bowling Green secondary. He finished the game with six catches for a career-high 137 yards. That's 22.8 yards per reception.

One of the main reasons why the wide receivers were able to be so open against the Falcons was because of their coverage. They ran a man-to-man coverage and it was exactly what the IU wide receivers were hoping for.

Nate Sudfeld shined again today. The relationship between the wide receivers and Sudfeld is strong. There is a lot of trust. There is also a lot of talent too. Top Stories