IU-Bowling Green Notebook: Nice helmets

Tim Bennett talks about the helmet, Dave Clawson talks about his Bowling Green team and Ted Bolser has a quiet day for the Hoosiers.

Some of the talk off-the-field Saturday revolved around IU's two-tone, chrome helmet look it unveiled for the Bowling Green game.

IU will have a different helmet pattern at each home game this season.

From high above, Saturday's helmet almost looked like IU's player had lights in their helmets with the reflection from the sun. Here's what the helmet looked like (pictured here) as they brought an example to the press box for media members to photograph.

The players liked them, too.

"I love them helmets,'' said IU cornerback Tim Bennett. "They add a little more swag to the team.''


Bowling Green coach Dave Clawson was obviously not happy with the way his team played Saturday against the Hoosiers. Bowling Green came into the game clicking on all cylinders but left Memorial Stadium after a significant setback.

"We got beat bad,'' Clawson said. "We got whipped in every aspect of the game. We didn't score an offensive touchdown. Defensively, we stopped in the two punts, the one we blocked for a touchdown, the other we had a roughing. We didn't stop them again until 4 minutes were left in the fourth quarter. They ran the ball, they threw the ball, they made big plays.

"In the first half we didn't get off the field on third down which absolutely killed us. We had them in a lot of third and longs and couldn't get off the field. Give the credit to Indiana. They made the plays and we didn't. Offensively, we just couldn't make explosive plays. I think we had close to over 450 yards (actually 409) of offense but we didn't get into the end zone once and we missed two field goals. All the things we've been doing well the first two games we didn't do well today. We didn't play well.''

Clawson's praise for Indiana started with Nate Sudfeld.

"The quarterback is a stud,'' Clawson said. They have really good receivers, too. We couldn't cover them and we didn't get much pressure on the quarterback. We gave that kid time and he put the ball on the money and their receivers beat us.''

The Falcons are known for having a top notch defensive unit. It didn't look that way Saturday when Bowling Green gave up more than 600 yards of offense. So what happened coach?

"They got us out of our defense,'' Clawson said. "A lot of what we do is we pressure our corners. We gang up on the run and when they threw the ball over our head for the sixth or seventh time we had to stop out numbering the run and regain the better run surface.

"We went in there and we were going to press them and force them to try to throw the ball and they had a lot of success doing that. After they hit that last one down at this corner, when they hit (Cody) Latimer we had to get out of it. I didn't want to see our corners get run by again.


One name that wasn't mentioned a great deal Saturday for the Hoosiers was that of tight end Ted Bolser.

In the first two games, Bolser had led all tight ends in the nation in many categories. He had four touchdown receptions and 11 catches overall.

Saturday, he had one catch for 12 yards and that was Nate Sudfeld's first completion of the game.

After that, Sudfeld just spread the ball in different directions.

"The middle was a little bit mucky this week,'' Sudfeld said. "I missed (Bolser) on that first drive. I should have squeezed it a little bit longer for that corner route on that first drive. I kind of really didn't give him much of a chance on that one so that one was on me.

"Again though, Ted is really selfless. He was excited to get those touchdowns before but he's really a team player. He just wants to win. That's why I think we're going to have a lot of success because we have so many selfless players on this team. They're really all about the team and it's fun.''


Senior safety Greg Heban said the key to the defense Saturday was returning to the way the Hoosiers normally play.

"We were able to cut loose and fly around,'' Heban said. "I think the defense had a lot more fun flying around today. Kind of like we did in the first game. You could tell we were having fun in the first game, and last week we were too focused on where we needed to be and weren't flying around and having fun.''

Sudfeld said it was a good win but he wasn't surprised by it in any way. Indiana came into the game just a two and a half point favorite though and Bowling Green had received votes last week in the Associated Press top 25.

"I don't know how big of a win, I mean, it's nice to win, but I don't feel like this was surprising,'' Sudfeld said. "They are a very good football team but we expect this of ourselves. Coach always says you can't lose something if you ain't never had it. So we haven't loss anything. We're just going into every game like we've got nothing to lose.''

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