Indiana ends weekend with draw

Though it wasn't the best of play from the Hoosiers, they finally escaped an overtime session without getting a loss.

For the first time all season, Indiana was able to put in a goal in the first 10 minutes of the match. However, it would not be able to repeat the action for the rest of the game, ending up with a 1-1 draw as the result against UC Irvine.

In the eighth minute of play, A.J. Corrado was working along the near sideline when he put a cross high into the box. Nikita Kotlov ran onto it and rose high to flick on to Tommy Thompson, who promptly put it into the back of the net.

"It was a relief to see that go in," Thompson said. "It was a great play by Nikita. He has a crazy vertical, so I knew he was gonna win it."

For the rest of the match, which included two 10-minute overtime periods, the Hoosiers only got off three shots, totaling four on the game. The closest they came to getting the ball past the line again was on a cross from Corrado in the second half, which found Kotlov's head. The shot hit the underside of the crossbar and bounced back into play, bringing into question whether or not the ball did cross the line before doing so.

"I couldn't see it. I just saw that it hit the bar and that's it," Kotlov said.

Near the end of regulation, the Hoosiers argue that they should have had an even better chance to win the game, as Tommy Thompson was pulled down well inside the penalty box as he drove towards goal. The assistant referee raised his flag, indicating a foul on the play, but the center referee dismissed the call.

"The linesman called it, and that's what makes it so tough," Thompson said. "I saw the flag go up and thought, ‘This game's over,' but the center ref has the ultimate call, and you can't expect them all to go your way."

His coach thought the same way.

"He called it, we could see it, and we are stung by it," Yeagley mentioned. "It was clearly a penalty, there's no question. But we just have to roll with it."

Other than these chances, the Hoosiers were not their normal selves in Sunday's match. Only getting off four shots is not up to par. While the UC Irvine defense was incredibly solid, the Hoosier attack didn't look very threatening throughout a majority of the match.

"It wasn't a pretty game today. There were pretty moments, but we had too many guys who were off in their thoughts and technique. We just have to get the ball forward and move it with conviction, which we didn't do today," Yeagley said.

"We were too naïve and too predictable, and those guys need to break out of that. The tie isn't going to hurt us, we just lost an opportunity for a good win."

The Hoosiers look to improve upon their 2-3-1 record this Friday when Brown University comes to Bloomington. Top Stories