One-on-One with 2014 G Lourawls Nairn

Nairn talks about Michigan State's late involvement and what he likes about his four finalists in this exclusive interview with

Lourawls Nairn will be in Bloomington this weekend for his last of four official visits. The 2014 guard from Bel Aire (Kans.) talked with on Monday night about Michigan State's late involvement, what he likes about each of his four finalists, and when he plans to make a decision.

JUSTIN ALBERS: Talk me through how Michigan State got back involved in your recruitment. How did that all develop?

NAIRN: "They recruited me before and they thought I was going to Kansas because at the time Kansas was high on my list and they wanted to know what they would have to do to get me, and at the time, it was Kansas.

"So they recruited [recent Kentucky commit] Tyler Ulis for a long time, and they saw he wasn't coming there so they wanted to know if they could get back in. I let them back in. It was just last week and it just so happened that I had a chance to take a visit there and I took it."

ALBERS: What's their pitch been to you? Are they telling you that you could be the starter right away since Keith Appling will be gone?

NAIRN: "Yep, yep. The situation there is that Appling is going, so whoever comes in will have the opportunity will be able to go and play right away."

ALBERS: How appealing is that to you and how much do you think that'll factor into your decision? You probably wouldn't be able to play right away at Indiana if Yogi returns.

NAIRN: "It's a good situation. I'm not thinking about that right now. After all my visits, I'll put everything on the table and see where I'm at."

ALBERS: How has your relationship developed with Tom Crean over time and how would you say your relationship is with him right now?

NAIRN: "Our relationship has been good. He told me that if I come to the Big Ten, I'm not going to be the best on that team but I can be the best leader in the Big Ten. He told me I was the best leader I've seen since Mateen Cleaves played at Michigan State. And obviously that we could win a national championship by playing nasty."

ALBERS: Where's that leadership come from? I've heard that mentioned as one of your major strengths a lot lately.

NAIRN: "Everybody's blessed different. I was blessed by God with my speed and my ability to lead. That's something you can't teach, it's something I've always been."

ALBERS: I know one thing Indiana saw from you from watching you on film was that you were a good shooter but didn't necessarily look for your shot all that much. Is that something Crean has talked to you about a lot?

NAIRN: "Coach Crean loves my shot. It's just that he told me I need to look at the rim more when I catch the ball. It's something I have to improve. I gotta look at the rim when I touch the basketball to at least make it look like I'm gonna shoot the basketball because I can get to the rim whenever I want. At the next level, I'm gonna have to be able to shoot the jumper off the screen on hit the wide open 3-point shot."

ALBERS: Take me through each of your four finalists and what you like about each one. Let's start with Oklahoma.

NAIRN: "Oklahoma, great staff and they were my first offer as a sophomore. They've always been around, great people. They wanna play fast and pressure the ball on defense."

ALBERS: What about Minnesota?

NAIRN: "Minnesota, great people, great staff. Since they got the job, they've recruited me hard. Coach [Richard] Pitino personally recruited me. He wants to play just like his dad plays. He wants to play fast and pressure defense and trap full court."

ALBERS: Indiana?

NAIRN: "Indiana, they've recruited me since I was a sophomore, coach [Tim] Buckley. Great program and they know how to develop their players and turn them into pros. They win at the highest level."

ALBERS: And finally, Michigan State.

NAIRN: "Michigan State is one of the top five programs and has one of the best college coaches ever. I know they play fast as well and it's just great people." Top Stories