Preparing for Robert Johnson's Decision

2014 guard Robert Johnson will announce his decision at 3:30 p.m. Friday in his school's library. His father talked with about his son's impending decision.

Robert Johnson has now taken all four of his scheduled official visits, and he's set to make his college decision on Friday. The 2014 Richmond (Va.) guard will announce his choice at 3:30 p.m. Friday in the library of his high school.

Johnson, a 6-foot-3 shooting guard, is a four-star target that can also play the point. He's the eighth-ranked player at his position in the 2014 class.

Johnson's leaders are believed to be Indiana and North Carolina, and the battle has remained close between those two schools. Here's what Johnson's father, Robert Johnson Sr., had to say about each school on Monday night.

On Indiana: "I haven't heard anything different. They continue to be open, honest and their plan for Robert hasn't changed. They really think that they can build their '14 class around him. The thing that's intriguing to them is Robert will be able to fit two positions because he can play the one and he can slide over to the two."

On North Carolina: "They're looking for a scoring two-guard that can stretch the floor. They think Robert would be ideal for the players coming in."

Johnson Sr. said his son didn't schedule the Friday announcement because he already has an idea of which school he's going to choose. It was more of a case of him being ready to have the process over with.

"I think it is gonna be a last minute thing," Johnson Sr. said. "The hard part is all the coaches are great coaches and they're all great programs. That's the hardest part. And all those guys are awesome. That's the thing, you can only choose one. I think that's the hardest part.

"He just wanted to get it over with. He's finished with all his visits that he's gonna take. He just wanted to concentrate on the season. They're gonna start practice in October. He can get in the flow of things and not play having to worry about that weighing on him. I think that's the main thing."

Johnson is also still considering Virginia and Florida State. He had originally planned to make the announcement at halftime of his high school's football game, but the school's athletic director shot that idea down.

As for what this week will be like in the Johnson household, Johnson Sr. said he will try to keep it lighthearted.

"We really aren't gonna talk too much about it," Johnson Sr. said. "He's the type that before he makes a decision, he's gonna consult with me. I try not too much on him. We've pretty much been talking about fun things so he cannot be overwhelmed. We're just hanging out as a family, watching sports, stuff like that.

"I think he's definitely gonna be relieved. It's been a lot. He's got four great schools, four great coaches, four great programs that are gonna be successful in the future." Top Stories