IU Insider Blog: Bridesmaid vs. Bride

The question for Hoosier Nation is simple: Are you happy just to be at the party or is it more important to be the guest of honor?

The recruiting landscape as it pertains to Indiana basketball right now seems a lot like the weather in the Hoosier State.

Whether you like it or you don't like it, wait a minute and it's probably going to change.

That has certainly been the case with Indiana recruiting in just the last week alone. Heck, you could say in just the last 24 hours. It seems like every few minutes we're hearing something new.

It's up and down, back and forth. One minute, you think Indiana has a good chance of landing a player like Robert Johnson or Isaiah Whitehead or James Blackmon Jr. or whoever the hot name may be. The next, you're hearing he's leaning this way or that, or that said athlete has eliminated Indiana from his list of considerations altogether.

Which leads me to the point of this IU Insider Blog (Yes, there is a point by the way.) Simply put, as an Indiana basketball fan would you rather be a wallflower on the outside looking in from the beginning, or a player in the game that is the bridesmaid and not the bride?

Would you rather be the school that no one wants to go to or the program that no one wants to be a part of, or would you rather be the school that everyone is talking about and interested in but the school that ultimately doesn't pan out?

Would you be content knowing that said athlete chose Indiana over two schools in the Missouri Valley and one in the Ohio Valley, or that IU finished second to a school like North Carolina or Kentucky?

I think it's a fair question. And I think it's a difficult one, too.

See, I know a bunch of Indiana fans who say they're into recruiting more than ever before this season simply because IU seems to be on the final five of so many quality recruits. They believe that more than anything the fact that Indiana is being mentioned by so many potential big name recruits signifies that IU basketball is relevant again.

And for some that's enough. For others, the rush of being a player is good but in the end the Hoosiers need to seal the deal on one of these elite players, too. To them it's not enough to be invited to the party. They want to be the guest of honor. And I get that sentiment, too.

So which side of the fence do you fall on? Are you in the ‘I'm happy to be here' crowd or are you more of the ‘Show me the money' or in this case ‘Show me the results'.

I think one thing that needs to be remembered here is that technically IU only has two scholarships to give in this class. Sure that could change after this season depending on how a couple of chips fall into place, but right now the only the only two spots to be filled from a scholarship standpoint are Will Sheehey and Evan Gordon.

And there still are some big name players that could sign with the Hoosiers in November. In fact, depending on what transpires with the decisions coming in the next few days, there are some elite level players who may see that as a better opportunity for them if these other guys go somewhere else.

They may look at IU a little differently knowing that they'll have a chance to step in and be ‘the guy' right away.

I'm not sure exactly where I stand on my question for Hoosier Nation. I do think it feel s good to have so many players talking about Indiana basketball again and wanting to be a part of it.

I still think Hoosier Hysteria sells itself and if you can get a couple of big time players there that commits will be soon to follow. That's why I'm a little disappointed to see some of these guys make their decisions and commitments this week rather than waiting for IU to have a chance to show them what Hoosier Hysteria really means.

It would be nice for Indiana to have a commitment before Hoosier Hysteria but if an elite level player comes to that event and leaves Bloomington with an IU commitment that would be just fine, too.

I think the thing we are all certain of is that the next three weeks are going to be a roller coaster existence as we wait to see what Hoosier Hysteria will bring for the IU basketball team.

And the one thing we can count on, like the weather in Indiana, is that we're probably in for a wild ride.

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