The Last Word: Settle on Sudfeld

Nate Sudfeld is one of the leading quarterbacks in the country and he still isn't the one and only option in the backfield. That needs to change. Indiana needs to settle on Sudfeld and see where the true sophomore can take this team.

The time has come for Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson and his staff to settle on Nate Sudfeld as the Indiana quarterback.

Now, do I think that will happen? Doubtful. I know that Seth Littrell and Kevin Johns, as co-offensive coordinators, like the idea of using Tre Roberson in certain situations.

But if Roberson is going to play, he has to come in and pass the ball. That's right, pass the ball. Because right now every time he's in there, opposing defenses figure he's either going to take off running or he's going to hand it off.

His insertion in the lineup simply handcuffs the Indiana offense.

Besides that, Sudfeld looks more and more comfortable in that quarterback role each game. He's poised, he has confidence and he literally has multiple options on every play from scrimmage because of the wealth of ability he has on the offensive side of the ball.

I think Sudfeld has just scratched the surface in terms of the kind of player he can become at Indiana. If the offensive line gives him enough time and Indiana is able to establish any kind of a running game, Sudfeld is going to put up 35 plus points every game.

Bank on it.

That is, if he's the primary quarterback.

Right now, I think it's kind of a 75-25 split. I would like to see that be more like 85-15 or 90-10. Use Roberson from time to time but when you do have him throw the ball a few times and keep the defense honest.

I've been back and forth on this issue all preseason and through the first three games. I could see the benefit of using two quarterbacks and I still do. But I think you do that if the two players appear to be pretty equal with what they bring to the table.

That hasn't been the case here. Sudfeld has been dominant, while Roberson, though effective at times, has not looked to have the same level of confidence as his fellow sophomore signal caller.

And that, to me, is clearly the difference here. Sudfeld just looks the part more than Roberson at this stage of the season. That could always change but right now I think IU needs to put the ball in Sudfeld's hands and let him lead the Hoosiers down the field.

The last word for the Missouri game is simple in my opinion: Settle on Sudfeld.

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