Big Play of the Game: Had to be the Pick 6

There was little doubt about the play of the game. In this story both Kevin Wilson and Nate Sudfeld talk about what potentially went wrong.

Look back at Saturday's 45-28 Indiana loss to Missouri and there's one play that stands out.

One huge play that turned the momentum back to Missouri and enabled the Tigers to leave Bloomington with a perfect 3-0 non-conference record.

Indiana trailed 21-14 but was moving the ball near midfield with just over 2 minutes to play in the first half.

IU faced a third down and 3 at the Missouri 46 when Nate Sudfeld dropped back to pass and attempted to hit Cody Latimer on a quick slant route.

But junior defensive end Kony Ealy jumped to try and knock down then pass and instead swallowed the football is his massive, 6-5, 275-pound frame. He took off running and returned the interception 49 yards to give Missouri a 28-14 lead.

It was just a quick throw between two players that had hot hands to that point. On the drive before, Latimer had caught a pass over the middle and raced 77 yards to the Missouri 2. That set up a 2 yard touchdown run by Tevin Coleman to tie the game at 14-all.

This time, Missouri read the play perfectly and was able to get the pick.

"Because we throw the ball quick a lot of teams will say ‘Hey get your hands up','' said IU coach Kevin Wilson. "We did that last week against Bowling Green. We were constantly saying ‘Get your hands up, Get your hands up.' That being said we just made an adjustment that we probably shouldn't have done. We put our players in a bad position and it's probably as much our fault as coaches. But that was a key play because we were going to go into halftime either 21-all or 21-14

"Then from there to start out the third quarter with three drives that were basically not very good is disappointing.''

Sudfeld said it was a miscommunication in the protection scheme. He said it might have been his fault. He hadn't spoken to the coaching staff about it yet.

"We were supposed to have cut him down but again I don't know if I called it right or something,'' Sudfeld said. "The guy made a heck of a play. It was just unfortunate for us and fortunate for them. It was just a really good play and I wish I could have that one back.''

Sudfeld said because it was such a quick throw he didn't really know the defender was there.

"It's such a quick throw so you're not really looking at the rush you're looking at spaces on the field,'' Sudfeld said. "When it's a quick throw you want to get guys down. Again I probably called the wrong protection or did something wrong. You're just not really looking at the D-line especially not on a quick throw.

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