Johnson Sr. opens up about son's recruitment

2014 guard Robert Johnson committed to Indiana on Friday. His father tells why.

Indiana landed its first commitment in the 2014 class on Friday from Richmond (Va.) guard Robert Johnson. Johnson's father, Robert Johnson Sr., talked with recruiting analyst Justin Albers about his son's recruitment.

The Hoosiers beat out North Carolina, Florida State and Virginia to get Johnson.

ALBERS:I heard Tom Crean was in town today to see Rob. How did that go?

JOHNSON SR.: "They're real excited, just can't wait to get Robert. They want him to work some things so by the time he gets there, he'll be ready to go."

ALBERS: What was coach Crean's reaction when Robert called him on Friday to commit?

JOHNSON SR.: "Actually, Robert didn't reach him the first time. Coach Johnson was notified. The guys were in there practicing, and coach Crean said he had a real smirk on his face. He told him that Robert Johnson has committed, and coach Crean jumped up and told some of the players that were there. They were excited, he was clapping and everything."

ALBERS: Why did Robert ultimately choose Indiana? What were your discussions like with him leading up to the decision last week?

JOHNSON SR.: "I didn't talk to him a lot last week about who he was going to commit to. But that Sunday when we got back from Florida State (Sept. 15), we discussed it with him. I asked him, 'What changed your mind from the first time you wanted to commit to Indiana?' All the visits went very well. I said, 'If you would have wanted to commit when you left Indiana, has anything tremendous happened that changed your mind? You want to go with your first instinct.' And then after that, I didn't talk to him because I didn't want to put added stress on him. He was going back and forth.

"Indiana kind of stood out as far as the development piece and he could go in there and play some point guard and off the ball as a shooting guard, that was the more intriguing thing. I think Florida State was the only other school where he probably had a chance to do that. I know coach Williams was looking for that shooting guard. I don't know if Robert felt comfortable just going to them as a shooter. He felt like he worked his way into working on his ball handling skills and wanted to develop that and display that because he has dreams of playing on the next level."

ALBERS: What's the next step for Robert now that's he's made his college decision? How much recruiting has he been doing?

JOHNSON SR.: "Well, now he has the opportunity to go after some players that he knows and has played with. I know Devin Robinson is one that he always talked to me about just because they have a close relationship. I coached Devin for his first year of AAU, so the relationship that they have goes far back. They live in our subdivision. Robert walked to his house yesterday and talked to him after he got back from his visit to Notre Dame."

ALBERS: What do you think the chances are that Devin ends up at Indiana with Robert?

JOHNSON SR.: "The chances are probably 50-50. Robert is working on it. That's something that he wants, but he doesn't push, push on Devin. They started playing basketball together and they can continue that by playing together at Indiana and possibly contend for a national championship. You really don't get that opportunity a lot. Those could be two important pieces to that 2014 class." Top Stories