Stories from the Freshmen

Indiana's six-man freshman class just completed its first offseason in the program. How did it go? What did they learn? They tell you here.

Indiana's six-man freshman class just finished its first offseason in the program. Here's a compilation of some of the better quotes from and about the freshmen from last Thursday's media day.

Guard Collin Hartman: "I only threw up a couple times, but there were some days I had to fall out of bed to get out of bed. I was really sore. My legs were dead. But my body is used to it now."

Guard Stanford Robinson on the team's first workout together: "Two people, you could easily tell they weren't prepared for this workout. [Will Sheehey] is trying to win. This is his last shot. He definitely put an understanding in everyone's mind that he's not messing around."

Forward Devin Davis: "We were doing ab workouts and they were doing them the right way, so they got kicked out of the practice."

Forward Troy Williams on how long it took to learn Sheehey was the team's leader: "Not long. I learned that the first day of summer school. I got yelled at in the weight room. I wasn't strong enough, so he just yelled at me."

Sheehey: "The freshmen definitely want to be in the same names as Jordan [Hulls], Vic[tor Oladipo] and the guys that really turned this place around. Stan, in particular, wants to know about everything and everybody. He asks a lot of questions."

Assistant coach Tim Buckley on Luke Fischer: "I don't think that there's any comparison to Cody Zeller with Luke Fischer other than they look a lot alike. They are different players. Luke's got to continue to grow and develop to how we want to play. Cody did, too. Cody was a fast learner. Luke is a quick learner, he understands winning, which is really important. Cody was pretty special and Cody made a tremendous impact as soon as he got here, so I wouldn't want to put that kind of expectation on anybody that's new coming in here."

Sheehey on Noah Vonleh: "He's got a great work ethic, no secret there. When he does workouts by himself, I know he runs to go get water and runs back. Someone doesn't have to tell him to go hard. That's something you wish everyone had. He's got a lot of things to work on, but he's a very polished player so far."

Williams on what he knew about Sheehey: "Really I just knew he was a white boy that was athletic. You don't have too many of those in Virginia."

Davis on what he knew about Sheehey: "I didn't really know anything about him. I just knew he was really athletic."

Hartman on what he knew about Sheehey: "I didn't know much about him, really. I knew who he was and that he was really improved and worked hard, but I didn't realize to the extent of how hard he worked." Top Stories