Ewald big on extra points, kickoffs

Mitch Ewald talked to AllHoosiers.com this week for this short story and video by staffer Nolan Blair.

Mitch Ewald has been busy this season in both the point-after-touchdown role and kickoffs.

He has made 23 extra points in four games and has averaged 64.7 yards in 27 kickoffs with 18 touchbacks.

But he has only attempted one field goal to this point. That was a 26-yarder against Indiana State that he made.

In his first three IU seasons, he attempted 55 field goals and hit 45 of them. He has made at least 13 field goals in every season.

His long field goal was 49 both as a freshman and a sophomore.

Ewald told AllHoosiers.com this week that he just wants to do whatever it takes to help his team. At the same time, he feels he's ready when called upon. Ewald was asked what is the yard line that Indiana has to hit before he starts thinking there's a chance he could get in there to attempt a field goal.

"My yard line has always been right about the 35,'' Ewald said. "Obviously some elements will push that back or move that up a little bit closer if its wind or cold, rainy whatever it might be. But as soon as we cross the 50 I'm getting ready and as soon as we approach the 35 I'm fine and I think coach Wilson is too.''

Ewald was asked what the longest field goal he had ever attempted had been either in a game or in practice.

"In a game in high school my longest ever was 56,'' Ewald said. "I think we've tried to move back to 70 in practice. I was a little short from there. I've hit from 67 and 60-63 a few times. But 70 I think is the longest.''

Did he have to ice his leg down after those 70 yard attempts?

"No, but I get a good running start,'' he said with a smile.

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