Mailbag: Oct. 2, 2013

You asked them, I answered them. Get updated on all things IU basketball in today's mailbag.

smg92390 writes: Who do you think is the next commit?  What are the chances of a 3 man class of RJ, Devin Robinson, and Goodluck.

JUSTIN ALBERS writes: Well, I think Goodluck Okonoboh will be the next Indiana target to announce his decision, so I'll go with him as the next commit. UNLV is still very much in play there, but I still believe the Hoosiers are his leader.

Now, if Goodluck chooses elsewhere this week, I still think there's a decent chance of securing another commitment by the end of the weekend. Forward Devin Robinson will be in town for Hoosier Hysteria with his friend and IU commit, Robert Johnson. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if Robinson committed by Sunday, either.

faithguy19 writes:I have never had the opportunity to see Hoosier Hysteria. Do the injuries to Williams and Fischer significantly hurt the event? I am thinking in terms of recruitment as there will be several recruits attending.

ALBERS writes: I don't think that hurts Indiana a significant amount, no. If this were three or four years ago when Indiana was lacking athletes like Williams, it may have hurt more. You wouldn't have seen the crazy dunks, etc. that make Hoosier Hysteria so much fun. But IU has plenty of other athletes now, so I don't think Williams and Fischer being out really hurts the Hoosiers in terms of recruiting at all.

On another note, you should really get out and experience Hoosier Hysteria one of these years. It's free, and it's a pretty cool event, as you may have heard.

two turntables writes: Who will be this season's top 3 scorers? Will, Yogi and Noah?

ALBERS writes: Those three are a pretty safe bet. I think the team will be pretty balanced in terms of scoring, but I believe Yogi Ferrell will be the leading scorer followed by Noah Vonleh and Will Sheehey. Jeremy Hollowell and Evan Gordon could also be in that mix.

Seeking6 writes: I'd like to know as much information possible about what a timeline is like for an Official Visit. Meaning...we pay for everything? Where do they stay? Do they speak with school officials (I remember Cody speaking with Business School Dean)?Does IU have any sort of host or hopefully hostess group? It's the one opportunity for IU to pick up the tab so I'd like to know what we do "to go all out" for recruits.

ALBERS writes: I'll answer this the best way I can given that I've never seen an official visit in its entirety. But yes, the school pays for everything. The recruits are typically hosted by one (or more) current players and they stay with them in their dorm, apartment, etc. I believe the school usually likes the recruit to stay in a dorm to see what that experience is like. The recruit can talk to whomever he wants to at the school, he can sit in on classes, tour the campus, etc. The coaching staff spends a decent amount of time with the recruit, showing him the facilities and what not, but most of his time is spent with the current players. The recruit will typically work out with the team in open gym at least once, attend a football game if there is one that weekend, etc.

jpalbertson writes: Justin, could you give your opinion on the Kenny Johnson hire and how it has affected recruiting? I know it's helped us land quite a few East-Coast kids … more in terms of recruiting our home-state. Also, what is his role on staff? does he coach our bigs? Thanks!

ALBERS writes: I love the Kenny Johnson hire, and I always have. It was a HUGE move by Tom Crean. Johnson has tons of connections on the East Coast, and he's a big reason why IU landed Troy Williams, Noah Vonleh and Robert Johnson already. He doesn't necessarily help IU in terms of in-state recruiting, but he doesn't really need to. Crean and Tim Buckley both work the state hard, and the both of plenty of connections within it. (Buckley, if you don't remember, used to be the head coach at Ball State.)

Crean's coaching model has always allowed all of the assistant coaches to do everything. All must recruit, all must work with the team, etc. So to call Johnson just a recruiter would be inaccurate. He does do a good amount of work with the big men, but Johnson also helps in other areas of the time, as the other coaches do. To sum up, though, I've always been a fan of the Johnson hire, and I think you'll continue to see just how important he is to the program.

MrBaditude writes: How high do you think IU will be ranked this season?

ALBERS writes: Good question. I think the Hoosiers will stay in and around the 20s for most of the season, but could see them getting as high as the 12-15 range. They could also spend some time outside the rankings, but I would say the 20s are a safe bet for most of the year.

two turntables writes: Does Hanner start at the 5 this season?

ALBERS writes: There's a good chance he could, especially at the beginning of the season. Luke Fischer has battled injuries throughout the offseason, so I have my doubts as to whether he'd be ready to start when the season begins. We've heard how much Hanner Mosquera-Perea has improved, but I haven't seen him in action since last season, so it's hard to tell there, either. But who else could you possibly start at center?

To answer your question, yes, I think there's a good chance Hanner starts at the 5, at least in some games this season. Top Stories