IU Insider Blog: Hoosier Hysteria Thoughts

There were some interesting performances turned in by the 2013-14 Hoosiers Friday night at Assembly Hall at the annual Hoosier Hysteria event. In today's IU Insider Blog I focus on three of them with video from AllHoosiers.com staffer Nolan Blair.

Friday night was the first chance for Indiana basketball fans to get a glimpse of what the 2013-14 Hoosiers will look like at the annual Hoosier Hysteria event.

And while it was a glimpse it was more of a snapshot. That's because three of IU's heralded freshman – two that we knew about and one surprise – didn't participate in the 15-minute scrimmage at the end of the event.

We knew ahead of time that injuries to Luke Fischer and Troy Williams would keep them out of Hoosier Hysteria participation. Williams is expected back next week while Fischer may be another couple of weeks. The one player we didn't know about was Noah Vonleh, clearly the most heralded freshman in the Indiana class.

Many expect Vonleh to start this season. Perhaps right from the beginning. And while he did participate in the 3-point shooting contest Friday night that was the extent of his work. An ankle injury on Wednesday, as announced by IU coach Tom Crean after the Hoosier Hysteria event, kept Vonleh from HH participation. Crean hopes to have him back in a few days.

So when you have pretty much a new look team and arguably three of your better freshmen don't get to play, it makes it much more difficult to get a real gauge for what to expect.

That said, here's my observations of three of IU's players in particular and how I thought they looked in Friday's scrimmage. AllHoosiers.com staffer Nolan Blair provided video of each of them as well.

Stanford Robinson: Now, it's tough to really know how he ranks on the freshman ladder when three of them didn't play but the one thing that screamed from Robinson's performance Friday night was that he attacks the rim and he's a playmaker. Robinson was very active on both ends of the floor and my guess, based on one early observation, is that he will be in the mix competing for playing time right from the beginning of his freshman season. If the other freshmen can play to his level or higher, Indiana is going to have some solid play from its first year players this season.

Jeremy Hollowell:While the slam dunk contest was clearly frustrating for Hollowell who didn't make good on a single dunk, he made up for with his play in the scrimmage. He led the Red Team in scoring with 13 points. More importantly, he got those points in a variety of ways. He attacked the basket and got a couple of buckets at the rim, he also hit a couple of open 3's which is going to be potentially a concern for this IU team. Basically, where will IU's perimeter scoring come from? If Hollowell can consistently knock down open outside jumpers that will open up things considerably. On the defensive end, Hollowell got back on a fast break and blocked a shot by Will Sheehey. Overall, I just thought Hollowell looked less tentative than he did at times a year ago and like someone who could help the Hoosiers this season.

Hanner Mosquera-Perea: I'm guessing many of those in attendance were keeping a close eye on Hanner Mosquera-Perea Friday night to see if his game had developed significantly over a year ago. Based on one performance, I would say yes it has. He looked much more fluid, he caught a couple of passes and attacked the rim and he moved the floor really well. I'm one of those people who believes he could have a significant role this season if he looks less mechanical in his form. Yes, he fumbled a bounce pass inside for a turnover one time and looked awkward another time or two, but I thought overall Mosquera-Perea was one of the nice surprises about Friday night's Hoosier Hysteria event.

It was just one night and a snapshot rather than a full portrait but I thought there was reason for hope to come out of Friday night's Hoosier Hysteria event. I think like a lot of people though one of the thoughts coming out of HH this season is just how good are these other freshmen?

Hopefully in a few weeks they'll all be on the court at the same time and we'll find out.

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