Three players to watch: Penn State

Here are three players to keep an eye on today for Indiana against Penn State. The one pictured is obvious. The other two, maybe not so much.

With different games this season, there will be two or three Indiana players that we think could come up especially big.

Here's three Indiana players in particular to keep an eye on today against Penn State:

1.Nate Sudfeld:You have to figure Sudfeld was itching to get back on the field last week and play a game after having his least productive game of the season the week before against Missouri. Sudfeld threw three picks (although one was a desperation Hail Mary at the end of the first half) including a pass that was returned for a touchdown.

But for Indiana to have any shot at ending its 0-for-Penn State streak today Sudfeld is going to have to come up big. He's going to have to spread the ball around and have some long, productive drives that result in scores and also keep Penn State's offense (and subsequently) IU's defense off the field. Sudfeld has been a little bit snake bitten by his propensity for throwing pick 6's and that's a statistic that has to end immediately for the Hoosiers, with a small margin of error any way, to have any chance to be successful.

2. Ted Bolser: When you have a target out there like Bolser you have to take advantage of him. The Hoosiers did that in the first two games but not so much in the last two. Sudfeld or Roberson need to establish their big tight end early and often in this one.

Bolser is simply a player that defenses have to be accountable for because of his ability to slip into gaps and make a big catches. He's especially productive around the goal line. For Indiana to have a better chance against Penn State, Bolser needs to catch five passes or more in my opinion.

3.Mitch Ewald: This is the kind of game I could see coming down to a big kick and the Hoosiers need to give Ewald some opportunities to kick field goals in order to have him ready in clutch situations. Now, I know what you're thinking and that's if he's only kicking extra points that's a good thing, too. Agreed but a lot of the reason is that Kevin Wilson has played the gambler and that hasn't always worked out.

Ewald is one of the best kickers in the Big Ten and yet he has only attempted one chip shot field in four games. That was against Indiana State, a kick he made. If Ewald gets field goal opportunities inside the 50 it's almost like just putting points on the board. IU needs this weapon.

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