VIDEO: Staff Analysis of Hoosier Hysteria

A big crowd was on hand and the IU Nation clearly appeared ready for the start of Indiana Basketball season Friday night at the annual Hoosier Hysteria event. Our staff breaks down a few of the key points of the evening.

Injuries were a big story line Friday night for the Indiana basketball team at Hoosier Hysteria.

Two of the incoming freshmen -- Luke Fischer and Troy Williams -- weren't expected to play and did not. Williams has an injured hand but it wasn't wrapped up in any way Friday night. He served as a judge in the slam dunk contest. He had very little love for Jeremy Hollowell's struggles in the contest in terms of giving him low scores but beyond that Williams was a Hoosier Hysteria spectator.

Fischer has a shoulder injury and could be out a little bit longer.

Peter Jurkin had some kind of a splint/brace on his left ankle/shin but he has been battling those issues basically since arriving on campus. Actually much longer than that. But Jurkin played through it and IU coach Tom Crean even acknowledged that Jurkin showed a few flashes of promise Friday night.

Then there was Noah Vonleh. The 6-10 freshman participated in the 3-point contest but nothing else. Crean said later that Vonleh hurt his ankle in practice Wednesday and couldn't go full speed. He's expected back to practice this week.

The final injury occurred late in the scrimmage when Stanford Robinson had to be helped from the floor with the assistance of two teammates after hurting his knee. It was being called a bruise in the postgame press conference. staffers Terry Hutchens, Justin Albers and Nolan Blair took a few minutes after Hoosier Hysteria to break it all down in the following video: Top Stories