Quotable: IU-Penn State

Penn State coach Bill O'Brien talks about why he went for it on fourth-and-2 at his own 33, Kevin Wilson talks about the defense stepping up and IU players talk about the significance of the win.

Here are some postgame quotes from Saturday's Indiana-Penn State game:

Penn State coach Bill O'Brien

(On when PSU felt the game slipping away)

"When it got to 35-17, I felt like we were in trouble there, but we kept playing. It starts with me. I have to do a much better job of coaching; putting these guys in better positions to make plays on both sides of the ball and on special teams. We have a bunch of resilient kids in that room. We didn't play well, didn't coach well, and we have a long way to go. But we'll get back to work on Monday."

(On offensive running attack)

"I think we have to scheme up some better runs. We need to be more diverse in the running game and it starts with coaching. It starts with me. I have to do a better job there. Have to figure it out and look at the tape tonight, tomorrow and figure out what we can do better as a coaching staff and put these guys in better positions to run the ball, to pass the ball, to run routes, to make plays on defense, and do all those things. It starts with me."

(On what went wrong with field goal kicking)

"One was a bad snap and one was a low kick. One they called timeout then we called timeout and probably Sam [Ficken] got a little bit out of his rhythm. Again, we can coach it better, figure it out better for the kids and put them in better position to be able to make those kicks."

(Thought process on going for it on 4th-and-2 on their own 33-yard line)

"I felt like we needed a touchdown. We had to try to make something happen. I was trying to manufacture a little bit of momentum there and it didn't work out. But again, we need to go back and figure it out and try to coach these guys better. Like I said from day one, it starts with me. I'm the head football coach. I know I can do a better job. We'll try to do that starting tomorrow."

(On Us against the world mentality gone from last year)

"I don't think it's gone. I think when you look at this football team, we have 61 kids on scholarship and 40 walk-ons, can't go to a bowl, can't play for championships. Not an excuse, but we have a lot of resilient kids here. They show up to practice every day, they practice hard. I think that reserve is still there. We lost to a team that played very well today. We didn't coach well. Our kids, because of that, didn't play very well. I think there's a lot of resilient kids on this team. There's still a hard-working attitude here at Penn State. I don't think in any stretch of anybody's imagination that this is a normal Penn State team. Sixty-one kids on scholarship and 40 walk-ons. But you know what? These kids are practicing hard. We have to coach them better. We have to put them in better positions. We have good players. And that's what we're going to try to do starting tomorrow."

Indiana coach Kevin Wilson

"I'm proud of our guys and I'm happy for them. I'm happy for the people who stuck with us and for us to get a good win. We played really good in a lot of phases. We didn't start great on offense and didn't particularly run the ball well, but once things started to get in rhythm and we got our passing game set up, we played well.

"Defensively it was pretty competitive. PSU made some plays on us, but for the most part we made them work for everything they got. Our kicking was solid as well. We had some good preparation coming in and I was excited to see if our guys would go out and play hard. They made me proud just by the way they played and attacked today."

(On Indiana's first ever win against Penn State in football)

"I have a lot of respect for Coach O'Brien and what he's done with their program. That team is still very talented, even though they've had some issues with depth. He's done a great job leading and managing that team and it's a very prideful group. We knew coming in that defensively they were not going to give you much. They make you earn what you get.

"Offensively they've always thrown the ball well. I really enjoy watching their offense and how they attack and what coach does with his players. We have got to win games like this and we are a good enough team to do that. We didn't play perfect, but we did play good. Next weekend we will have another opportunity to go do something that's never been done before because this team has never beaten the team that we are about to go play. We don't try to get wrapped up in it. I think our guys are best if we just keep things simple and work day-by-day, going over what we need to do short term and not look at the big picture. That being said, we have to win games like this. We are trying to build a program that is competitive in this league. Penn State is one of the dominant programs in the Big Ten and they are one of the standards you want to set your team to, so it was nice to go toe-to-toe with them today and come away with the win."

(On the defense only giving up 70 rushing yards)

"I think we were a lot better in our communication. The way we practiced and the way we prepared, we wanted to give our kids the chance to line up and be cleaner and more fundamentally sound. We played a lot better team defense with the linemen being where they were supposed to and the linebackers and safeties fitting appropriately. They played very hard and very clean compared to the past."

Indiana players weigh in on the significance of Indiana's win over Penn State:

DE John Laihinen

"It was a game we knew we should win. We wanted to win it and we worked hard for two weeks to win it. That bye week was huge. We were able to get back to the way we felt at the beginning of the season. We were able to work on ourselves and work on our fundamentals.''

S Greg Heban

"Coach talked to us this week and the bye week week about, even though we have never beaten Penn State in IU history, we can't hype up this game any more than it needs to be. After the game we were really excited about the win, but we weren't super shocked about it. We knew we were a good team. We knew they were a good team. I think we came out with the edge today.''

WR Cody Latimer

"It was great. We knew coming in that we had lost 16 straight games to Penn State. As a team, we wanted to go out there and win. But more importantly, we wanted to get our first Big Ten win.''

QB Nate Sudfeld

"Coach didn't want us to focus on the history of this game. Coach always said, this 2013 Indiana team has never lost to this 2013 Penn State team and vice versa. It was us versus them this week. We weren't really trying to put history into this game. We had a good mindset and game plan coming in. Guys came in and executed pretty well. It was fun to go out and win. I thought our defense played extremely well.''

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