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Kevin Wilson will address the media shortly after noon today. Follow live here.

UPDATE 12:37 p.m.: Wilson closes his press conference with this: "Big challenge this week, thanks for coming."

UPDATE 12:34 p.m.: Wilson said he doesn't know if his team is the type that could win 17-14 games at this point. Needs the scoring to be a bit higher, like it has been for much of the season. Indiana scored the majority of its points in the second half on Saturday against Penn State.

UPDATE 12:30 p.m.: Wilson said he's spent a little more time as the season has gone along working with the defense. He's an offensive guy an not a defensive expert, but tells the defensive guy as he sees it from an offensive perspective. But defensive coaches have the final word.

UPDATE 12:24 p.m.: Wilson said he feels like Michigan State's linebackers should have graduated a few years ago when he arrived, that's how good they are. Said the Michigan State defense always makes a lot of competitive plays so Indiana will have to.

UPDATE 12:18 p.m.: Wilson is talking about how to handle success, such as what comes from the Penn State win. Said before Indiana played Navy he was concerned with how happy and carefree the team was.

"You want to go in with some confidence, but I don't know if you're happy about going out there to throw your body around," Wilson said. "I don't know if you're Chuckles the Clown."

UPDATE 12:16 p.m.: Wilson said what happened Saturday wasn't unusual. What will be unusual is playing like that a second time in a row. Good and interesting point.

UPDATE 12:14 p.m.: Wilson said Michigan State is as good a team as there is in the Big Ten. Said the Spartans play great defense and it will be "a huge test on the road."

UPDATE 12:12 p.m.: Wilson said he's especially happy for some of his veteran guys for finally beating Penn State. Said it's hard to keep working without results.

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson will address the media shortly after noon today. We'll update all of his comments here throughout the press conference.

Indiana will play its first road game Saturday at Michigan State. Top Stories