Kevin Wilson Press Conference Part 1

Here is Part 1 of Kevin Wilson's press conference leading into the Michigan State week. Check out what IU's head coach had to say about Penn State and looking forward to MSU.

Here is the Kevin Wilson press conference Part 1 from Monday, Oct. 7 leading into Saturday's road game at Michigan State:

Kevin Wilson "From last game it was a good win. Pretty good. Got to be better, but good as far as us getting some plays in all three phases. Still some glitches along the way, but kicking was a lot more solid. Made some improvement on defense, got some offensive stuff to keep working on.

"But a pretty good team win against a good opponent. Our players, especially some of those old guys have been working hard and kind of doing some things you want. You don't get the results, it's easy to get a little frustrated. Those guys have kind of maintained a great attitude. So really happy for some of these old guys, the Bolsers, Hughes, Ewalds, and those guys, it's a good deal. Special teams, recognized four guys. Thought the play that Ralph made before the half, blocking the field goal could be a 10-10 game. Actually did it twice. Got it the second time.

"We actually, from there, went down and scored again. So that was a point play. Steven Funderburk's play causing the fumble, really broke it open for us in the fourth quarter. It's still a two possession type game. We had scored and flied out and created a turnover, it was a huge play. Nick Stoner downing the ball at the 1 with the punt from Erich Toth, that gives us another point play. We get a safety after that.

"We had some points created from nice special team plays. We blocked a lot of kicks; that blocked field goal was huge. The caused fumble on the kickoff was huge. We've seen those go against us in previous weeks, so to make those plays was huge. We recognized those. The fourth guy being Ted Bolser who maybe didn't have an impact play, but every week has been our best. Flying down the field, he's getting double teamed. When he attacks it, does a great job.

"Ralphael Green, Steven Funderburk, Nick Stoner, Ted Bolser and our special team players that we recognize for winning performances. On defense, Mark Murphy, his best game to date a little more consistent. Clean upped some missed hits, showed a little more when the ball came his way and was by far the best defensive player.

"On offense, Cody Latimer statistically played well. He's been great on special teams. Played good without the ball at a higher level than he did in early weeks when he didn't have some catches. But Cody had our best game with an offensive lineman in Collin Rahrig doing a great job for us on the perimeter. Trying to do some stuff reasonably quick and being able to communicate and get some young linemen settled down.

"Jordan Johnson from up the road on offense, and Andre Booker have done a nice job. Jordan is a tight end who actually plays sometimes on the offensive line to help us on our scout looks and some of our depth issues. Scout defensive players Justin Nowak did a nice job on that fumbled kickoff. He can come flying down on the double team, helmet flew up in the air, really attacked and smashed and played those special teams. Justin Nowak, a back up DB for us and Nate Hoff as a freshman D lineman doing good. Again, nice to come off that open date with some good work. We cleaned up some stuff. Still have a long, long week to go. It is good to have one game success in the Big Ten. We haven't shown that we can back it up and do it again with another good week of preparation, the appropriate mindset that we need and then go out and execute again.

"We've got a great opponent this week going on the road, our first road test, playing very, very well, close to being a top 25 team, and would be that came up a little short, 17-14 at Notre Dame. Played very, very well last week, very dominating performance against what looks to me to be a very strong Iowa team.

"Iowa is a ball control, physical style of attack, and they've played well. I think Iowa was sixth in the nation in time of possession and really playing a run oriented great defensive game.

"Michigan State had well over 400 yards. Like us, came off their open date, cleaned their offense up, settled on a quarterback. They play as good of defense as there is in this country, starting with Coach Dantonio, Catch Narduzzi. So great challenge for our offense.

"If you know much about Coach Dantonio, his special teams are always good. They keep you on your toes. They ran the fake last week, always have and always will. They're a complete team. They're a team that played in the championship two years ago. Won 10, 11 games a couple years in a row. Last year for them, an okay year. Their back up year is standard, and this will be a huge test on the road. We're looking forward to this week's challenge.''

Check back Tuesday morning for Part 2 of Wilson's press conference which includes questions and answers with the media.

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