Follow Wilson's Press Conference Live

Kevin Wilson is addressing the media at Memorial Stadium.

UPDATE: 12:33: Wilson said Roberson is an athletic quarterback, he's not an athlete. Said he doesn't want the defense to think it's a wildcat formation when Roberson is in. Said he can make a lot of the throws.

UPDATE: 12:29: Wilson said he thinks Tre Roberson went into a little bit of a slump and was upset when Nate Sudfeld was named the starter a few weeks ago. Said he think he's past that now. Wilson said Sudfeld remains the guy, but both will continue to play.

UPDATE: 12:27: Wilson said he wants his seniors to selfishly find ways to get some of these wins. Said IU is to the point where it needs to win some of these elite games and not just get close.

UPDATE: 12:23: Wilson called me out for wearing a yellow sweatshirt today. Someone in front of me is wearing blue.

"Other schools would dismiss you," he said.

UPDATE: 12:18: Wilson said when you're playing a good team and you're not on exactly, you get exposed. Said that's what happened against Michigan State on Saturday. Said the Spartans exposed some of the team's weaknesses.

UPDATE: 12:14: Wilson: "Practice does not make you perfect if it's not good practice." He's talking about how his team can improve at this point in the season. Said it's a fine line with hitting in practice. Want to do it, but don't want to get guys get hurt.

UPDATE: 12:07: Wilson said tight end Ted Bolser was the offensive player of the week. Said he didn't always play well but played hard. Wilson did not name a defensive player of the week because no one played well enough.

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson is addressing the media live at Memorial Stadium. We will update this story throughout the press conference with his comments. The Hoosiers will play Michigan on Saturday. Top Stories