A look at recruiting under Crean

Analysis of the players Indiana coach Tom Crean hasn't gotten to Indiana since 2008, and when he got them.

I went back and looked at all of the commitments Indiana coach Tom Crean has secured since he took the job in April 2008. Some analysis will follow. The players in BOLD did not finish their careers at Indiana.

NOTE: Carlino, Patterson, Blackmon Jr. and Lyles never began their careers at Indiana. Blackmon Jr. is still being recruited by the Hoosiers and still could play at IU.

Bobby Capobianco (4/17/2008, 2009 class)
Devan Dumes (4/20/2008, 2008 class)
Nick Williams (4/21/2008, 2008 class)
Maurice Creek (5/4/2008, 2009 class)

Verdell Jones (5/5/2008, 2008 class)
Jordan Hulls (5/20/2008, 2009 class)
Tijan Jobe (5/20/2008, 2008 class)
Malik Story (6/21/2008, 2008 class)
Matt Carlino (8/24/2008, 2010 class)

Christian Watford (9/9/2008, 2009 class)
Bawa Muniru (9/26/2008, 2009 class)
David Williams (4/23/2009, 2010 class)

Austin Etherington (8/3/2009, 2011 class)
Victor Oladipo (9/7/2009, 2010 class)
Will Sheehey (11/16/2009, 2010 class)
Guy-Marc Michel (5/10/2010, 2010 class)
Peter Jurkin (8/9/2010, 2012 class)
Ron Patterson (8/15/2010, 2012 class)
James Blackmon Jr. (9/3/2010, 2014 class)
Trey Lyles (9/27/2010, 2014 class)

Hanner Mosquera-Perea (10/31/2010, 2012 class)
Cody Zeller (11/11/2010, 2011 class)
Collin Hartman (11/21/2010, 2013 class)
Devin Davis (11/21/2010, 2013 class)
Yogi Ferrell (11/24/2010, 2012 class)
Jeremy Hollowell (3/24/2011, 2012 class)
Remy Abell (4/27/2011, 2011 class)
Luke Fischer (1/1/2012, 2013 class)
Stanford Robinson (5/16/2012, 2013 class)
Troy Williams (10/28/2012, 2013 class)
Noah Vonleh (11/10/2012, 2013 class)
Robert Johnson (9/20/2013, 2014 class)

There are 32 players listed above that committed to Indiana under Crean. Of those 32, 16 committed after the summer before their senior year (so the period we are in right now). That's the main point of this post, to show that it hasn't been unusual to get late commitments, like the one Indiana got from Robert Johnson last month. Both Noah Vonleh and Troy Williams committed after the summer in the 2013 class, Jeremy Hollowell did in the 2012 class, Cody Zeller and Remy Abell did in the 2011 class, Victor Oladipo, Will Sheehey and Guy Marc-Michel did in the 2010 class, Christian Watford and Bawa Muniru did in the 2009 class, and Devan Dumes, Nick Williams, Verdell Jones, Malik Story and Tijan Jobe did in the 2008 class.

Crean has secured 12 commitments from Indiana kids (including Hanner Mosquera-Perea), but four did not end up playing basketball at IU (Matt Carlino, Ron Patterson, James Blackmon Jr., Trey Lyles).

Just thought it'd be interesting to look back a bit before we look forward.

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