It's time for a shake-up

After another brutal defensive performance Saturday at Michigan, Kevin Wilson needs to make a change.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Justin Albers was not in Ann Arbor for Saturday's game and watched it from his couch.

Something needs to change.

By the time Indiana plays Minnesota in two weeks, there should be some sort of a shake-up within the defensive unit.

After Saturday's 63-47 loss to Michigan in Ann Arbor in which the Hoosiers gave up 751 yards (751!) of total offense, things simply can't continue as they have.

Usually a shake-up involves a coach losing his job. In this case, that would be defensive coordinator Doug Mallory, and I think it would certainly be fair to let him go.

Here's why: Mallory has had time. He's been at Indiana for the last three seasons and has had the opportunity to incorporate his defensive philosophy. He's had time to recruit players. He's had time to make improvements.

And thus far, he has made none. Zero. The IU defense is in as poor of shape now as it was when he got here. Maybe worse.

Let's look at the numbers:

***Indiana has allowed at least 400 yards of total offense in six of seven games this season, the exception being the opener against Indiana State. In the last four games, Indiana has given up 623 (Missouri), 410 (Penn State), 473 (Michigan State) and 751 yards (Michigan).

***Every opponent except for Bowling Green has scored 35 or more points, and four have scored 41 or more.

Sure, some of those statistics can be attributed to Indiana's uptempo offense and the fact the defense spends so much time on the field. But even so, those numbers are not good. It's virtually impossible to accomplish anything when giving up those sorts of numbers.

On Saturday, Mallory and the defensive staff looked especially inept. They failed, time and again, to make any sort of adjustments. Michigan wide receiver Jeremy Gallon burned the Hoosiers in the first half, and he burned them in the second half. Every time Devin Gardner looked his way, Gallon was open. For most of the game, there wasn't even a defender in his general vicinity.

Gallon had 369 receiving yards on 14 catches. Michigan's second-leading receiver -- Devin Funchess -- had 84 yards on four receptions. Indiana needed to force someone else to beat it, and it failed to do so.

Double team him, play bump and run, blitz the quarterback -- do something to get the Wolverines out of their comfort zone. But Mallory never did, and Michigan never truly felt uncomfortable.

The worst part about all of it is how good the Indiana offense has been playing. Tre Roberson and Co. are so good it makes me wonder what this team's record would be if it had an even average defense.

The IU offense is far too good to be held back by one of the nation's worst defenses. Kevin Wilson is an offensive mastermind, and the talent the Hoosiers have on at the offensive skill positions is as good as there is in the Big Ten.

And yet, the Hoosiers sit at 3-4, needing to win three of its last five games to make a mediocre bowl game. It doesn't seem quite fair to those guys that are having tremendous success on the offensive side of the ball.

It's time for Wilson to give them some motivation to keep working hard and make a change on the defensive side. It's time to shake things up and see what happens. Top Stories