IU Insider Blog: Are there 3 more wins here?

It's hard to believe after giving up 63 points and 751 yards of offense you can even consider the fact that IU could still win three more games but with this potent offense you can't completely rule it out.

Nate Sudfeld had an interesting comment in the postgame press conference, 30 minutes after Indiana dropped a 63-47 decision to Michigan Saturday at the Big House.

He said that it's too early to panic. He said there's still a lot of football to be played.

Perhaps but if it's the kind of football Indiana played on defense Saturday at Michigan Stadium, it's not particularly good football.

That was bad. That was real bad. And I'm writing from the perspective of someone who has watched Indiana football every game for the past 16 years. I would think I'm somewhat of an expert on frustrating defensive performances. But you just didn't get the feel in this one that there was any way IU could stop Michigan's offense.

None. Zero. Zilch.

Unfair? I really don't think so. Until Indiana gets a consistent pass rush and can give its secondary a little help rather than having to play man-to-man coverage, there will be repeat performances of Saturday's debacle.

The crazy part is that Sudfeld is right with what he had to say. There is a lot of football to be played. And frankly, Indiana could still win three of its final five games and get bowl eligible.

You think that's crazy talk? It may be. And after watching the Indiana defense give up 751 yards of offense against the Wolverines you just have to wonder what it could possibly take for Indiana to accomplish that feat?

The only reason you even consider the point is that IU still has home games with Minnesota, Illinois and Purdue. Sure, Minnesota looked good earlier today against Northwestern but you still have to figure that with IU's offense they'll be in all three of those games.

But the fact remains that because of Indiana's defense every one of those games will be a struggle, too.

The margin of error is even slimmer than ever before. Basically, the IU offense needs to score every time it touches the ball. If the Hoosiers can do that, they can still win three games.

Now I'm not completely serious with that statement but I'm not completely joking either.

I think if there's one thing that you have to say right now is that unless Indiana scores 50 points a game you can't feel safe that the Hoosiers are going to win. The defense has not given you any reason to think otherwise.

Someone in the press box from Michigan had an interesting comment after the game. They said can you imagine what a team would like if you had Indiana's offense and Michigan State's defense? And he's right. That would be a pretty potent combination.

But that's fairytale stuff. And Indiana football right now is far from a fairytale. It's more like a bad dream on defense that keeps on occurring week after week.

Is there still time to right the ship? Yes. A bye week can't be coming at a better time. IU will now have two weeks to prepare for back-to-back games against Minnesota and Illinois, a pair of games that could elevate IU's record to 5-4 and within one game of bowl eligibility.

So yes there is time. But one thing is increasingly clear.

Indiana is going to have to score a ton of points to have any chance.

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