Heban: 'It was embarrassing.'

Greg Heban looked at the statistics sheet and one number jumped off the page: 751 yards of total offense for Michigan. Read on to find out Heban's thoughts on the performance.

Greg Heban has been through a lot with the Indiana defense in his four seasons with the Hoosiers.

But few days come close to what happened in Saturday's 63-47 loss at Michigan.

When he looked at the statistics sheet after the game was over, Heban admitted that one statistic in particular jumped off the page.

Michigan piled up 751 yards of offense.

Heban's reaction was pretty much what you would expect from a player who has always been a straight shooter when dealing with the media in his IU career.

"It's embarrassing,'' Heban said. "Being a leader on defense, not just the secondary, it's embarrassing on my part. I take (responsibility) for this being a leader. I don't know what we can do right now but we I need to step up and make plays. We need to make plays.

"We need to continue to make tackles and not miss tackles and give up big plays.''

Heban admitted that one of the frustrating things Saturday with a potent as Indiana's offense was as well, he just had the feeling if the Hoosiers could make one or two stops they could win the game.

But it didn't happen. Time after time, Michigan was able to put more points on the board. The Wolverines scored at least 14 points in each quarter and had 21 in the fourth.

"In the second half we were just back and forth, back and forth,'' Heban said. "We just knew we needed one stop because our offense was going to continue to put up points. We were going to keep driving down the field. It was up to the defense just to get one, maybe two stops.

"But we didn't and our offense couldn't keep up.''

Redshirt junior defensive end Ryan Phyllis echoed Heban's sentiments.

"There are parts of the game we need to improve on and we will improve on,'' Phyllis said. "We have a bye week coming up and we're going to do our best to do that.''

So what are those parts of the game?

"We just can't let the quarterback sit back there,'' Phyllis said. "They had a great offensive line but we've got to get more pressure on them. And when we do get pressure we have to contain them. (Devin Gardner) made some plays running but he made more of his plays passing.

"We've just got to work on that this week.''

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