Quotable: Indiana vs. Michigan

Here are some noteworthy quotes following Indiana's 63-47 loss to Michigan on Saturday.

Michigan coach BRADY HOKE:

On wide receiver Jeremy Gallon, who had 369 yards receiving and two touchdowns:

"I think statistically it shows that he's such a great competitor, runs good routes, finds the open spaces. Sure handed. He had one that kind of got away from him. But Jeremy, to me, he's a tough guy who really is a little slippery at times. Yards after the catch are usually decent with him. He's a total wide receiver. Because if he wasn't catching it, he's going to be working his tail off blocking."

On what worked so well to get Gallon open downfield:

"There's some double moves that worked well off the boot game. Stay deep and with the double move, he hit two of those, where he double moved the corner. So I think like most corners, to some degree, they get a little gun shy. Then maybe they stay deep with that cushion, and it opens up something else. I've seen our guys do the same thing. And so it was just the timing, I think, and Devin having the ability to step up in the pocket on some of those things are really what helped, obviously, when he had that kind of time."

Quarterback Devin Gardner:

On Gallon:

"Since he's only 5-9, I think they might underestimate him some, but he has the same skills as all the tall receivers. He's quick in and out of his cuts. And it's a terror for the opposing team."

On setting single-game record for total offense:

"I just wanted to win the game. It came down to a defensive stop. I didn't know anything about the record. So we were just talking down the hall and he told me that you might ask about that. I feel stupid I don't know about it. But it's a dream. I guess I could never have dreamed to play a game like this. Such a tough loss last week, and I feel like the team, it's all about the offensive line. They gave me time to read defenses. And when I had opportunity to make plays that's what I did."


On why he was so wide open all game:

"I can't tell you, I guess they focused in and forget about me. [I was] just playing the game, just to win, like Devin said, just to come back in and bounce back from a loss like last week, just to come back and win."

On whether he thought he'd ever record those kind of numbers:

"No, to be honest with you, no. But it's nice to know. That's what we play for as receivers, that's what you dream of. Just going out and giving your all for your teammates and making the best of your ability. Taking advantage of every opportunity to comes your way. To me, that's what I did tonight."

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