Five Questions for Kevin Wilson

What was the defensive plan on Michigan wide receiver Jeremy Gallon (No. 21)? When does Kevin Wilson opt to go with Tre Roberson or Nate Sudfeld within a game? When 47 points isn't enough what do you do? What was that locker room like? Was this a game that Indiana felt it let slip away? Those questions and more are answered here. Check out the story!

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson addressed several topics in his post game press conference following Indiana's 63-47 loss at Michigan Saturday. Here are five of the most interesting questions and answers.

1. Was the single coverage on Michigan wide receiver Jeremy Gallon just a function of not being able to stop the run this year?

WILSON: "Yeah. If we play two-deep they're going to get six, seven, eight, nine yards all day (running the ball) so we had to load it up. And my comment to the defense, too, was ‘Keep coming, keep blitzing, keeping coming at him', because they were working it. And if you don't keep coming and attacking … We had a couple of chances there, a couple of blitzes where we let him get away. Actually two of their scoring opportunities we were potentially there to make the play for nothing and their guy makes the play and we don't. ‘'

2. Coach, your team scored 47 points but that wasn't enough with your defense. What has to be done there?

WILSON: "We have to keep looking at schematics. (Gardner) was getting too much time to throw. We had some missed tackles when we there to make the play. Of course 98 (Devin Gardner) is a nice player. Devin came make some plays with his feet. He made us look foolish a couple of times. We'll look at this open date and what we can do short term to give ourselves a chance. We have to keep looking offensively, too. We only had the ball for 21 minutes and they only ran seven more plays. If we could get some stops and get the ball back we could really gas some people and run them out of the building. But it's kind of putting it all together. If the offense slows down there's less time of possession but you've still got to get the stops. I think our defense plays hard. … We still have to manage some things. Our margin of error isn't great but I think when we put it together that our kicking has been better and offensively the tempo helps us. At the same time it might hurt the defense but that's kind of how we're scoring those points. So it kind of is what it is. Fortunately we don't have a lot of turnovers. We're getting to where we eliminate a lot of negative plays. We'll do a good job here in the open date of most importantly just looking at us and what we think the short term answers are to give us a chance to have a better week and go get Minnesota. Then run it down the schedule and see how many we can get between now and that last game.

3. Within a game, how do you determine whether to play Tre Roberson or Nate Sudfeld at quarterback?

WILSON: "Tre can extend some plays with his feet. We went with Tre early (in the season) because we knew he could do some things but then Nate kind of separated himself with early play. These last couple of games it has just kind of been if we need a little shot in the arm (we go to Roberson). Tre's hand kind of cramped up (today) which is why Nate kind of came back in. It was kind of an upper body arm cramp. We actually thought he had broken his hand because his thumb was pointing cockeyed. But he battled. Tre did a good job. Nate is a good player. They're young. And we're going to keep them but they've got to play better.''

4. Did Tre Roberson do anything different or better today than maybe he has done in previous games?

WILSON: "I think the weather really hurt us early in our ability to throw the ball. And (Roberson's) ability to run the ball then kind of changes the defensive structure a little bit. I think the weather really hurt our ability to run the ball with Nate (at quarterback). So you needed Tre's ability to do a couple of those quarterback kinds of runs and then get the play action off of that. That's just a little bit of the dynamic of it. I don't know if Nate played poorly as much as the weather and the way it was working kind of gave Tre a better opportunity. It will be interesting when we look at tape. I thought we needed a shot and he comes in and starts running around and for the most part played OK.''

5. What was that locker room like? Was that a feeling like they let one get away?

WILSON: "Our deal is not to have stats and score points, it's to win games. We needed to play well. You don't win on the road (If you don't). They've won now 19 straight here. This isn't easy. It wasn't going to be easy, it wasn't going to be perfect. But we wanted to come for four quarters and in the end look up. We were just sloppy enough. That's what we talked about. How do we clean up some of our sloppiness? There are some things that we're doing, within our approach, that without being perfect we just need to have a little more attention to detail in the way we approach our lives, and the way we approach practice and the way we approach taking the field and playing. We'll keep coming. We've come some degree the right way and we've got to keep coming down the stretch the right way and not give in. At the end of the day we're not going to give in down the stretch.''

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