Wilson backs Mallory

Following a performance where the Indiana defense gave up 751 yards to Michigan, you knew the Doug Mallory question would come up in Kevin Wilson's availability this week. Here is what the IU coach had to say.

Indiana coach Kevin Wilson gave defensive coordinator Doug Mallory his support Tuesday, a few days after the IU defense gave up 751 yards of offense to Michigan in a 63-47 loss to the Wolverines.

Ever since that game ended, IU fans have been calling for Mallory's job.

Wilson was asked point blank in Tuesday's availability if he still had confidence in Mallory and he didn't hesitate with his reply.

"I better,'' Wilson said. "And the players better, too.''

The obvious follow up question: Why?

While admitting he does spend more time with the offense, Wilson said he does have some defensive input, too.

" There have been some times when I've gone over and suggested ideas but I normally don't tell them how to do that,'' Wilson said. "That's their job and they're hired to do that. What I'm doing is trying to give them the resources and the time commitment in practice that they need. The second thing I'm trying to do is give them all the energy I can to give them positive reassurance of effort and attitude.''

Wilson said though that he thought the weaker link on Saturday was the IU offense. He said 47 points was not nearly as many points as Indiana should have scored against Michigan.

"I had a quote from a guy who is a pretty good coach,'' Wilson said. "We're talking high end. If you're talking greatest coaches in the game, he would make your list. And he said ‘Your offense didn't score enough.' And that was a defensive coach. It was not a college guy but it was a pro guy. He said ‘Your defense needs to be picked up and really, your offense didn't score enough.'''

Wilson said that IU wide receiver Kofi Hughes made some comments after the game that he agreed with completely.

"Kofi said what I said,'' Wilson said. "If we can't score, you had better shut them out and block a kick and get a safety and we'll beat you 2-0. But if we can't stop them we had better score a hundred or fifty or whatever it takes to win. Whatever it takes to win is what you're going for. And Saturday we got in a competitive game and in the fourth quarter when we needed to make the plays we didn't make the plays down the stretch. That was the ball game.''

Wilson said IU's offense has been status quo through seven games.

"I think our offense is about average right now,'' Wilson said. "You guys can skew all those stats you want to but when it's time to make those plays we need to make more plays.

"It really is that simple. We need to make more plays.''

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