Wilson: QBs listen too much to outside talk

Kevin Wilson explains reasons why Tre Roberson and Nate Sudfeld have been up and down.

Indiana has used its two-quarterback system all season long. Part of that has to do with the fact both Tre Roberson and Nate Sudfeld are capable college quarterbacks.

But some of it also has to do with each player being inconsistent throughout the season. Neither quarterback has played well enough for Indiana coach Kevin Wilson to name him the definitive starter going forward.

Truth is, Wilson likes playing both quarterbacks. Sudfeld and Roberson give different looks to the opposing defenses, and each have different strengths. It really doesn't matter who starts -- both will undoubtedly play every Saturday going forward.

But in his weekly press conference on Monday, Wilson suggested that it does matter to the players, and it has caused some problems for them.

I've seen them both have ups and downs, because I think they listen to their the public perspective too much," Wilson said. "My deal is you're young and you're not as good as you need to be and you need to keep working hard and getting better, and that's what great players do.

"So I thought early they were all fighting to be the player. Some things didn't go Tre's way, he didn't practice well. Nate didn't play that well at Michigan State and he wasn't as sharp last week in practice. Then we had the weather. We got after him in practice, said, 'You've got 30 some games in your career left, how good are you going to be at the end and what are you doing about getting better? And quit being moody and moping. We got good players out there, let's go play.'"

While many people place the majority of blame for the Hoosiers' 3-4 start on the defense, Wilson continued to stress Monday that the offense needs to improve. He pointed out the fact that Indiana ranks near the bottom of FBS teams with 10 interceptions through seven games.

"You guys think we're pretty good. We were 108th in the country in interceptions thrown," Wilson said. "We moved ourselves up to a whopping 97th. You say, well, we throw the ball a lot, well, look at teams like [Texas] A&M and Houston and Oregon State that's throwing for 400 yards, 100 more than we are, and they've got six or seven less picks. And here is a guy throwing for Oregon, shooting lights out with no pics.

"So when you're a team and you're trying to get wins, we got a lot to work to do."

Roberson was Indiana's primary quarterback in its last game against Michigan, and he was very effective. He completed 16-of-23 passes for 288 yards and three touchdowns. Roberson also ran the ball 11 times for 50 yards and a score.

Who will start Saturday's contest against Minnesota is anybody's guess. Roberson has been the better quarterback of late, but Sudfeld is better passer of the two and has had a better overall season than Roberson.

No matter who starts, though, you can expect both quarterbacks to play once again.

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