Big Ten Media Day: Will Sheehey

Will Sheehey talked at Thursday's Big Ten Basketball Media Day in Chicago about how the team is coming together, what it learned from the exhibition game and specifically his impressions of the incoming class of freshmen.

Indiana had a total of four players at Big Ten Media Day in Chicago Thursday along with head coach Tom Crean. will have a little bit from each of those one-on-one breakout interviews.

The first one will be a few minutes spent with IU senior Will Sheehey.

Question: How is this team gelling together in the early going?

Sheehey: "We're just trying to jell with so many new guys obviously. We're just trying to make sure everyone knows their spots on the floor. We're trying to get good court spacing, things like that. It's a process but we're a really athletic team. We're excited for this year.''

Question: How does your role change?

Sheehey: "My role basketball wise is going to be pretty much the same. Obviously from a leadership standpoint I have to make sure guys know what they're doing. That will be a little different. But basketball wise I'm just going to try to play the same way.''

Question: Talk about what you've seen from Yogi Ferrell and his development?

Sheehey: "He's really more vocal. We had guys like Jordan Hulls and guys like that who would tell him what he needed to do and now he's kind of relaying that to the other guys. I think he's been doing a fantastic job of it.''

Question: Talk about this freshman class and your early impressions?

Sheehey: "I think this is the most athletic class that we've had just from top to bottom. All the guys can really run and jump. Now we just have to make them into basketball players. They have all the ability now they just need to watch a little more film and do all the little things.''

Question: This seems like a team that could go with a lot of different lineups, both big and small. How much have you been doing with that in practice?

Sheehey: "Coach does a good job in practice making sure that we switch up the lineups. We'll go with bigger squads, smaller squads. We've really been diving into a bunch of different things. But you know we've got to decide which lineup is the best. And I think once everyone knows how to play with each other, which we're very close, then it doesn't matter which lineup you put out there. ‘'

Question: What did you guys learn from the first exhibition game?

Sheehey: "We just have to keep learning how to play with each other really. We have to slow down on offense and we've been working on our post defense. Things like that.''

Question: How important is it for the sophomores, Hanner and Jeremy and guys like that, to really take a step this year?

Sheehey: "They've been doing a great job, they work hard, they've been doing the extra work so really it's just going to take time for them. But I think it's coming.''

Question: We've asked each of the players about the new rules and how much of a challenge it will be to play within them in terms of not being able to hand check or make much contact defensively. What are your thoughts?

Sheehey: "With the new rules I think they want the game to have more scoring. So you just have to play a little less physical with your hands. It's something that you have to make a conscious effort with. We do a great job in practice and we have refs who come in and make sure that they coach us to do those types of things but we've been working hard on it. We need to make sure we don't make those mental errors in the games.''

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