Big Ten Media Day: Evan Gordon

Evan Gordon talked about several topics in his breakout session at Thursday's Big Ten Media Day in Chicago. Included were the exhibition game, the new rules about guarding players and some early thoughts on his freshmen teammates.

Indiana had a total of four players at Big Ten Media Day in Chicago Thursday along with head coach Tom Crean. will have a little bit from each of those one-on-one breakout interviews.

The first one was posted earlier on Will Sheehey. Our second look will be with fifth year senior transfer Evan Gordon.

Question: What did you guys learn from the exhibition game?

Gordon: "Learning how to run the plays without the other team knowing them like we experience every day in practice. And just different actions guarding different players. I just think the whole feeling and flow of the game was just different.''

Question: Have any of the freshmen surprised you to this point?

Gordon: "I think it will be interesting to see how these guys do throughout the whole year. Noah has been playing really well and I think he'll do great but it's always interesting to watch freshmen because of how long and hard it is compared to their high school season. If I had to single out what person who has surprised me though, I would think it would be Troy (Williams). I thought his game was really wild but he is definitely a fast-paced type of player. Just to see him adapt to the program and running all the plays we have I think that will be an experience to watch.''

Question: Talk about your thoughts both offensively and defensively with the new rules about guarding people?

Gordon: "I think it kind of handcuffs us a lot because the college game in general is just really physical and I know the Big Ten is a lot more physical. Just not being able to touch the player without them calling a foul I just think that's a totally different way of playing basketball. I think we're just going to have to adjust. Sometimes when I get an advantage or Yogi gets an advantage, it's like I can't even touch him just to get back to where I can contest his shot. It's such a different way or playing and we're just going to have to get used to it. We started early with it so we're not going to have to experience it as bad as some other teams but it's going to be an adjustment. No question about that.''

Question: Did you watch your brother (Eric Gordon) score 25 last night (against the Pacers)

Gordon: Yep. When he's healthy he has done really well so it wasn't surprising to me at all. He's had a great preseason and start of the season so far. I just think the main thing is to keep him healthy.''

Question: Heard you guys had a little weather delay in Bloomington today coming up here that caused coach to be a little late for his press conference with the media. What happened?

Gordon: "We got a little bit behind the weather I guess. I'm not sure what happened. We were there on time we just had to wait for about an hour. We bounced around in the sky a little bit. It was a little turbulent at the beginning. Once we got up a little bit it was pretty much smooth sailing.''

Question: What have you seen out of guys like Yogi and Will since you've been here?

Gordon: "I know they've been through the fire and they've been part of great teams. And I know Will has been part of some bad teams. They were trying to come back in those earlier years. But just having two guys like that who know the game pretty well is a big plus. It really helps out.''

Question: Liberty, Arizona State and Indiana. What do you think about when you think of each of your college stops?

Gordon: I think they're all pretty much different. I think Liberty it was just the style of play within the conference and the kind of school. It's so much different from Arizona State. And Arizona State the level of play is about the same but the competition and the physicality is different from IU.''

Question: What about the three towns: Lynchburg, Tempe and Bloomington?

Gordon: "Ummm, Bloomington is a little more like Lynchburg but it has more of an Arizona State feel. Liberty is very conservative and there's not a lot going on in Lynchburg. And Arizona State it's huge, huge. You've got Scottsdale and Phoenix and Tempe and Mesa. There was a lot going on at Arizona State. I feel like Bloomington is a small town with a lot going on.''

That takes care of Sheehey and Gordon from Thursday's Media Day. On Friday, we'll have reports from Media Day on Jeremy Hollowell and Yogi Ferrell as well as something extensive on Tom Crean's comments.

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