Quotables: Minnesota at Indiana

Check out some of the most telling quotes from Kevin Wilson, Cody Latimer, Shane Wynn, Tre Roberson and Nate Sudfeld following Indiana's heartbreaking 42-39 loss to Minnesota.

Kevin Wilson

On Indiana's ability to come back from a 22 point deficit in the second half :

"That game didn't go well and it was ours for the taking. I think it shows there's some fight in these guys. They're buying into what we're doing and we've got to keep plugging and knock the door down and get over the hump."

On what went wrong on Minnesota's go-ahead touchdown:

"We were in a zero blitz and with motion, one of the guys is supposed to be guarding the guy in motion, so a busted coverage. So we were in an all out blitz playing man, and with motion the guy playing that guy jumped on the motion guy, and we had two-on-one and none on the guy they threw the ball to."

On how IU was able to come back from the 35-13 deficit :

"Offensively I think we just kind of cut it loose and attacked. Even though we're no huddle, I don't think we stressed them out. I think we got them running sideways a little bit … we started taking a couple down field shots. We started aggressively attacking the field down and sideways. I thought there was a lull before the game where we were a little too stale and stagnant."

On a seeming lack of progress in closing out winnable games

"To me, we're in year three so we're all part of the problem. As players and coaches we're all collectively together, and we're going to miss tackles, and miss throws and miss blocks, and we're going to make good calls and bad calls. We're humans. But we've good to do better because I think our kids are giving us a great go."

Cody Latimer

On Indiana's comeback:

"You saw how close it was. It was a great comeback. We were down 35-13 at one point. It just shows the strength that we have. We just need to start off fast.

Shane Wynn

On the mood in the locker room following the loss :

"I mean, you guys know how it is. Just quiet people. I've got to get it back up tomorrow, especially the energy of the team, just trying to get us to come back and play next week against Illinois."

On his catch that was reviewed on Indiana's final drive :

"I knew I couldn't be him deep, so I just dropped out and I was like ‘Oh, the ball is on me now.' I just tried to snag it and I ended up catching it."

On the heartbreaking nature of the loss:

"You know it's disappointing but at the same time you still get a win from it — you scored 26 unanswered points. It's definitely a team that's fighting. We're not going to stop; we're going to come all day."

Tre Roberson

On what went through his head when Indiana fumbled the ball while trying to go in for the game-winning score:

"Oh, instantly you just lose it in your mind. But at the same time we've still got to play because the clock was still going."

Nate Sudfeld

On the ongoing quarterback competition/rotation and not starting the game:

"I didn't really have that great of a practice during the bye week. I don't know. Just disappointed a little bit, but that was kind of selfish on my part. I've just got to keep being the team player. I mean, I'm happy for Tre but at the same time you want to play, but at the same time just take away selfish ambition and just go out and play when you're called."

"They told us this morning who was going to go first and I wasn't surprised, and neither was he. They need us both to win and we both have to play better. We've both got to help us win and finish in the fourth quarter."

On Indiana's bowl chances moving forward:

"We don't really feel like they're gone. Any given Saturday we feel like when we come out and we play our best and just play like we know how to play and are consistent, we can beat anybody." "Not against anybody, Minnesota's a good team and the teams we're going to play are pretty good, but we don't view the bigger teams we're going to play as automatic losses. We really feel like we match up with them well."

On how difficult it was to talk to the media after the game:

Obviously we like talking to you guys better when we win, but it's all good. It's just disappointing. I'm not disappointed in my players, I'm disappointed in a few decisions I made but I'm just disappointed for the seniors and just the coaches. We're due for some of these wins. We've really just got to finish.

On how to bounce back from such a tough loss:

"We've got to just come back to work and still believe in what we've got. I mean, what we're doing works. We've just got to go out and finish and win games. It's a lot on the players. We've got to execute. Coaches are putting us in good positions. The offense was doing well, the O-Line was doing really well, the run game was awesome. We've just got to when it counts make the plays on offense and defense."

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