Quotable: IU-Illinois

Here are the postgame quotes from IU coach Kevin Wilson, Illinois coach Tim Beckman and a few of IU's top players.

Here are postgame quotes from IU coach Kevin Wilson, Indiana players and Illinois coach Tim Beckman from Saturday's 52-35 Indiana victory over Illinois in Bloomington, Ind. Quotes were provided by IU Media Relations.

IU coach Kevin Wilson

(Opening Statement)

"I'm happy for our guys to get a win. Last week was pretty tough, emotionally, and we've been working really hard. We talk a lot about bouncing back from adversity and showing improvement, and I think the way they handled themselves and the way our coaches coached this week was a positive sign for where this team is going to go. I give a lot of credit to Illinois because they started very good. I thought by the third quarter we would be settled, but after the half we went out and they scored, then picked off an interception and scored again. I think it shows a lot of growth for us that we could weather that, settle down, and put together some good drives on offense and finish strong on defense.

"We had a few guys who got nicked-up. It was nothing major, but Tevin Coleman has an ankle sprain and we are not sure how serious that is. He had back-to-back 100 yard games, as did Stephen Houston, which is nice. Our center, Colin Rherig, has a back injury and didn't practice much this week. Flo Hardin took a shot in the chest last week and had a slight rib injury. We had (Clyde) Newton, who's a freshman, as well as some other guys step in and battle for us. Defense still has a ways to go, but these young guys are fighting. It was nice to get a win, but we've still got a lot of things to work on and we have a phenomenal challenge next week when we travel to Wisconsin."

(On how he thought the defense performed)

"We had a few busted coverages and some missed tackles that led to easy Illinois scores. Once we settled down and got into a rhythm at the end we played pretty solid. We just haven't been consistent in our execution or fundamentals to play really good all the time. We show flashes of nice stops and good plays but we need to get more consistent. We talked about last week when there was a period where we played really, really good as a whole team. The defense and the offense need to feed off each other a little bit more instead of there being one side hot and one side cold. It's never going to be perfect, and we still have a long way to go, but so does the offense and I appreciate how hard they're working."

(On Indiana's running game)

"We weren't that great on third downs, technically, I think we ended up 6-of-9 on conversions once you add in those two we went for on fourth down, but I felt we executed well on first and second downs. It was probably the first game we got both Nate Sudfeld and Tre Roberson playing in-and-out together. It's been one person has been hot while the other hasn't for most of the year and this was the first game we really had those guys flowing together. I think it was because we were able to keep some drives alive that our numbers were so good. Our line has improved even though we are working with a lot of injuries. I think that says a lot about our depth. We have some guys who have been with us a couple years now and now we are just trying to build more depth. That's where we are lacking on defense. I think it's still going to take some time in recruiting those players. Our offense is getting to where they are strong enough to withstand some hits, but our defense needs to step up and replace guys who go down. I think the development of our run game just shows that there is some maturity on offense."

(On his decision to go for it on fourth-and one, and what that shows about his confidence in the running game)

"I don't know if it's confidence in the running game as much is I didn't think we were going to be able to stop them at that point. We just couldn't give them the ball back. It wasn't a pretty play but it was a great effort by Roberson. That's a one-yard play that added a lot of value to the game because that had the ability to be a big swing play. We are not really an over-powering team, but I think our spread and our passing ability really sets up the run. That was a really huge play for us."

Indiana Player Quotes

Quarterback Nate Sudfeld

(On trust factor and connection with Cody Latimer)

"He's an exceptional athlete, just a big-time wide receiver. They were trying to man him up during the game so it was just a match-up issue and he was just making big plays and catching the ball every time it came his way."

(On putting last week's loss behind them)

"We had a really good week of practice. We really weren't too worried about how we would come out this week. Coach Wilson really did a great job encouraging us and getting us all in a positive mindset. We really feel we're a very good team when we put it all together and play for four quarters consistently. We were happy to get the win but we feel like we need to be doing this more consistently."

Running Back Stephen Houston

(On the offensive line)

"(Ralston Evans) is filling in for Peyton (Eckert) but he's really taken the job over so my hat goes off to him. I'm proud of him and the whole O-line."

(On relationship with Tevin Coleman)

"That's my little brother. He does what he needs to do. There's no hatred, no bad blood. I'm proud of him. So When I'm done here, whoever comes, I know he going to do the same thing that I did to him, just show him the ropes and then just be that big brother.

(On Cody Latimer's performance)

"It's lights out. He can do that on a daily basis. I'm just proud of him. He's making his campaign strong. He does what he has to do without complaining. My hat goes off to him."

Quarterback Tre Roberson

(On playing with a new center)

"It's not really difficult because we work on it throughout practice. We knew from the beginning of the week that he was going to be the center. We worked hard with him all week and he played pretty well."

(On 4th-and-1 conversion by Tre when down by 7)

"It was a play that we needed. Players make plays in big-time situations. The line blocked very well. Our receivers blocked well. We just made a good play on it."

(On Tevin Coleman's performance)

"Tevin ran like a maniac. The O-line was opening up big holes for him. Everybody was blocking down the field for him and he just ran."

Illinois Head Coach Tim Beckman

(Opening comments)

"I want to give credit to Coach Wilson and the Indiana football team. They did enough good things tonight to win a football game. My hat go off to them. I thought that their kids played extremely hard and as well as ours. I mean, I've talked to the football team as we all gathered up together, to win together, we lose together and it's tough. There's no question about that. We've got three opportunities left. I was happy to see the way that we played offense. Defensively, we gave up too many big plays, of course. It got down to a scoring battle. We just fell short in that scoring battle. When we have opportunities on offense, we've got to take advantage of those. Then defensively, of course, when we have those same opportunities, or opportunities in the football game to better ourselves, we've got to do that.

"My hat go off to this football team because I do think they fought until the end. They're great kids. There was never a quit in them on the sidelines. They are disappointed, as we all are disappointed, but they fought until the end and I'm proud of them for continuing to do that down to the last tick of the clock."

(On Steve Hulls play)

"Unbelievable. I think Steve made some plays that were phenomenal in my opinion. When we needed to make a play, Steve Hull was there to help us make those plays. You think about what he's done being a defensive back for a majority of his life and now playing wide receiver. I think Nathan [Scheelhaase] also threw the ball and of course it takes an offensive line to protect. I believe he had 224 yards and I thought he had an excellent game, made some key plays for us."

(On penalties, especially during kickoffs)

"Crazy. Of course you don't want your offense starting inside the 20-yard line. Those are the things that regardless of who you're playing against, you can't make those types of penalties and create your offense in situations it's tough to get out of."

(On fake punt decision)

"It's something we worked on and heck, if it would've worked we would all be smiling now, and it didn't. It was something that we saw that was there and it was there. We just under threw it and we'd been practicing that play for the last three weeks and it was there. You just have to make those plays and of course, I'll take the fault for it. If it would've worked, it would've been `Hey, what a great call," but it didn't, so it goes on my shoulders."

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