Notebook: Seltzer reminisces about IU days

Also notes on Troy Williams, and Indiana's lineups on Friday.

Bennie Seltzer with with Tom Crean and the rest of the Indiana coaching staff during the darkest days of the program. He was still in Bloomington for some of the highs of the 2011-12 season.

So it was understandable that Seltzer was filled with emotion when he returned to Assembly Hall on Friday night now as the head coach of Samford.

"There were so many things I thought of," Seltzer said. "The practices we had in that building, and the wins we celebrated in that building brought to mind. All those years and that place was still packed, through the good times and the bad. This is a special place."

Seltzer received a standing ovation when he was introduced before the game. His team fell to the Hoosiers, 105-59.

Vonleh, Williams continue to impress

Indiana freshman Noah Vonleh recorded his third consecutive double-double to begin his collegiate career Friday night against Samford. Vonleh finished with 15 points and 10 boards.

Freshman Troy Williams also continued to play well, recording 10 points and eight boards in 17 minutes.

The Indiana freshmen haven't gotten the attention some others have around the country, but they have certainly made a big impact early this season.

"What it says is that we've got a pretty good group of freshmen," Crean said. "Guys like Noah and Troy are not getting the attention that some of the other better freshmen in the country are getting right now. Everybody's earning it. So are these guys. That's Noah's third straight double-double. It won't be his last. And Troy is just continuing to get better constantly.

"Troy made as much progress as anybody has from Tuesday to Friday. They all did. There's so much room to grow in the game mentally and understanding what it takes."

Hartman first man off the bench?

Perhaps the most surprising thing out of Friday night's game was that freshman Collin Hartman was the first player used off the bench for Indiana.

Hartman did not play against LIU-Brooklyn on Tuesday, and he logged only three minutes in the season opener against Chicago State.

Friday night, though, Hartman had five points and three rebounds on 2-of-3 shooting in 10 minutes.

"I thought Collin was as shocked as anybody going in first the way he did," Crean said. "He came in there and did an excellent job. That what it is, play on demand. Thought he did a very good job.

"I don't know what our spots are. We don't have a rotation. Right now we're just playing and we're trying to get our guys to understand how important it is to play hard, how long they have to play. We're a long ways away from what I would say is a rotation, and I like it that way." Top Stories