The Last Word: A Winnable Game?

Call me crazy, but it's not completely out of the question the Hoosiers could win Saturday.

Which Ohio State team will show up? Which Indiana team will show up? Those seem like pretty broad questions, but they're vitally important to Saturday's game in Columbus.

Ohio State, although unbeaten, has looked vulnerable at times this season. It gave up 35 points last week to a bad Illinois team. It beat Iowa by only 10 points at home. It gave up 34 points to California, and 20 to Buffalo.

But the Buckeyes also beat Penn State by 49 points, Purdue by 56, and Wisconsin by seven.

What I'm getting at is, if Ohio State's defense looks as porous as it did last week in Champaign, I think this could be a close game. It could resemble the shootout we saw in Ann Arbor against Michigan earlier this season.

That is, if Indiana's offense shows up to play. The Hoosiers scored only three points at Wisconsin last week and look miserable all afternoon. But we know the Hoosiers are capable of putting up big offensive numbers. And Ohio State has given up some big offensive numbers to bad teams.

I'm not predicting the upset by any stretch, but I do think it could be a lot closer game than people think. We'll find out on Saturday afternoon. I'll be live in Columbus with the coverage. Top Stories