Tracking the True Freshmen: Purdue

With the regaining of the Old Oaken Bucket and the conclusion to the season, the true freshmen now have something to build upon going into the off-season.

In the final game of their first season at Indiana, the true freshmen made very little impact as a collective whole in terms of showing up on the stat sheet.

This is partially due to the very little work left for the defense after the Hoosier offense was able to put the Boilermakers into a hole they wouldn't have a chance to dig themselves out of.

T.J. Simmons had the most production, racking up three tackles of his own and assisted on another. Marcus Oliver was able to add a tackle of his own.

David Kenney also assisted on a tackle.

Darius Latham, Danny Friend, and Clyde Newton played but did not record any stats. Top Stories