A look at Zeller's rookie season in Charlotte

Cody Zeller hasn't had quite the impact as Victor Oladipo in Orlando thus far.

It's probably unfair to compare Cody Zeller's rookie season to that of Victor Oladipo, but those two guys will forever be tied to one another because they played at Indiana together.

Zeller hasn't had nearly the impact of Oladipo this season, but then again, few rookies have.

For Zeller, progress has come much more slowly. Through 18 games, the No. 4 overall pick of the Charlotte Bobcats has averaged 4.9 points, 4.1 rebounds, 0.9 assists, 0.4 blocks and 1.3 turnovers in 18.5 minutes per game.

Zeller is shooting just 34 percent from the field and 74.2 percent from the free-throw line.

It's worth pointing out that Zeller's Bobcats are marginally better than Oladipo's Magic at this point. The biggest problem for Zeller thus far has been trying to deal with the physicality. I always thought Zeller would play more of a stretch four in the NBA, but he hasn't really shown the ability to stretch the floor with his jump shot thus far. He has yet to attempt a 3-pointer this season, which I'm kind of surprised by.

Through 18 games, Zeller has:

**Not scored in double figures in any game

**Pulled down at least five rebounds in seven games

**Has played 20 or more minutes five times

Zeller's best statistical game came on Nov. 13 at Boston when he had eight point and nine rebounds in 22 minutes. He had six points and nine rebounds against Phoenix.

Zeller played against his older brother, Luke, in Cleveland on Nov. 15 (pictured). He also played against the Indiana Pacers on Nov. 27 in Charlotte, recording seven points and six rebounds in 19 minutes.

Zeller has been a solid big man off the bench through 18 games, but nothing more. It's hard to see him getting a start this season, especially given the productivity and experience of Charlotte's other big men.

We will continue to update Zeller's progress in the NBA throughout the season.

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