By the Numbers: Northern Florida

Fans obsess over statistics all the time, so what numbers stand out in each game the Hoosiers are to play?

Before each game this season, will take a look into numbers that have an impact on the upcoming contest. Here are the digits that stand out in the match-up against the University of Northern Florida.

Number- 2: The number of times both teams have played ranked competition this year. And each of those times, the result has been the same between Indiana and Northern Florida: a mark in the loss column. While Indiana fell to UCONN and Syracuse, North Florida couldn't keep up with Ohio State or Florida.

Number- 11All 11 members of the University of Northern Florida have put up double-digit scoring games at least once this season. Only seven Indiana players have put up at least 10 points in a game this season.

Number- 14: This is the winning streak the Hoosiers are on at the moment when coming off of a loss. The beginning of this streak dates back to the 2011-12 season, when Indiana lost three straight games to Minnesota, Ohio State, and Nebraska. Since then, the team has followed up each loss with a win. Expect that trend to continue coming off of the dismal second half performance in the loss to Syracuse.

Number- 30%: Okay, so it's not exactly 30 percent for either side, but it's pretty close. When looking at both team's scoring breakdowns, both teams have a section that is fairly close to 30%. Indiana finds 31% of its scoring from the free throw line, averaging about 25.4 points from the stripe. Northern Florida is getting 28% of its scoring output from beyond the arc, averaging seven three pointers per contest. Top Stories